If joy was a person, it would be Lizzo! Her songs makes me Heart.

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Hey, Im No.1 Fan of lizzo, my brain enjoy feel when hearing Lizzo songs flute, their styles and comedy videos everyday. Lizzo is a good person! She’s grown into an excellent entertainer and an outstanding individual, who makes me outstanding and funny unbelievable. Her energy is really infectious to make a person’s impression for my plus size body healthy life. She is one type of motivator in my life. See also give me No surprise, Lizzo killed it my fat. Her flute sound to heart in my mind? why ask with you! what reasons that Im only love to lizzo? why! It is my problem! or natural connect the mind with her every behaviors? how to manage, I’am find any ways, but my mind relax with lizzo every songs! I after/before slepping, anywhere, anytime love the lizzo’s songs, You’re also feel the same? then You’re Seccond fans of lizzo, lizzo allowence the fan list on twitter, but Im not! whatever I’m glad! no mind! just share with you, it’s my problem of the mind! She’s such a natural at being an entertainer! everyday. I was very surprised because she’s just a natural entertainer. She commanded the whole show tonight for entertainment.

Right now this ” The Damn time” songs my favorite no.1 songs, in this week, after 2 days I 24 hour hear earphone ” my friends to say what do you do? I’m doing, I enjoying! with music not with the word, word and voice tones connect with soul” The nerves lines highly relax! thanks to uploaded by SNL chanels to record. In this video, to wear a WWT- Wrap waist trainer to shape for stomach areas to create a good posture.

I knew Lizzo would do a good job and their aim is so smart to make a decision for feature an amazing category of shapewear lines that impress my business, because my business is shapewear online affiliating and promoting in Canada, UK, or America’s of peoples who suffer from the large amount of fat. She’s already funny on stage and in interviews. She was a perfect choice for the category of compression undergarments to win all brands of the world in the future.

Lizzo has all the trappings of Show Biz. She’s quick, Whitty, and charming even though she is a teacher for singing my lyrics. I’m singing a song. Right now reveal the “ about damn time” She effortlessly commands the audience.  She also possesses masterful comedy with dancing, her song hear to ear amazing feel, I am great for improving health and happiness.

She did great. So many can’t do a good monologue program at night everyday to deeply enjoy. My immediate thought when she walked out was “oh I guess they would have to dress her for network television” and then she said “I’m surprised I have clothes on too” and I DID, when I saw her change of clothing styles that was making & designing engineering cute! I want the same! But how to do it!

Lizzo has the most joyous, infectious laugh to my heart!. I knew from the monologue I’d be laughing along with her all night. An amazing performance with her mom, moms is also the same motivator in my life, I’m not a singer but I’m her fan. What a charming host! I love seeing an artist bring their parents to their performance, from stage enjoying to the whole family, as the same as our family together to see their every program and talor of song.

The word of songs sentence is right vision, to make me motivation with reduce my depression “ because who included the problem of plus size body’s and move-move theory of dance, I move move all time in my home or lesures time.

All her partners in the sketches were skinny white guys, which makes it that much funnier. She is just so smooth and stunning looking after her own shapewear brands, I bring her shapewear brand’s products and use them. That is great work on my fat lower belly. I feel confident and comfortable. One of the best guests in recent years. I mean, Yitti, she’s overlayed. I feel glad to be in great shape after this.

Lord, that lady, Lizzo has major charisma! Love, from one flute-playing band nerd to another in video on” Orchestra”

Oh Lizzo the monologue with violin background, twerking while fluting, and a full orchestra twerking simply glorious looks. Alex Moffat’s arm shaking up and down as Lizzo twerked on him is the funniest visual living rent-free in my head, ready to deploy every time I have a difficult moment, she was a great woman for relaxing the mind and everything from the video.

Loved it!  Last night’s show it was great, and she commanded the airwaves!  You go, Lizzo! in fluite amazing fluite pose styles, What an amazingly happy and confident person. I liked her before this but now I am really impressed. ” You trust to me, I’m No.1 Fan of the Lizzo.

She is so inspiring to me. I’m a plus size woman and it gives me hope all about my body back up into slim, she thuat the online from not only with song,  I feel like fat shaming. It’s a good thing lizzo wore a face mask at the end of the show. She’s obviously very health conscious. Everything she does makes people happy a d brings them together

There are 5 Reesons why we love Lizzo?

  • She is very tailented woman
  • She is not afraid to speak and feel confident everytime
  • Her fashion is fair and Fearless
  • Her motivation of body positivity, mental health and fitness
  • She is example of woman, if you’re fat you can do it all.

Why lizzo so popular

She won three times Gramin Awards, together making very popular content on youtube, TIKTOKs, Instagram, and others for returning visitors, lunching a brans yitti, with a lot of songs that heart to all peoples.

What is the most famous lizzo songs?

She song a lot of like ” CUZ, “Truth hurts” but right now trends “about damn time.

How old Lizzo?

She was born on April 27 1988, in 2022 riched to 34 years.

Lizzo is vegan?

Not clearly but sometimes to promote a chicken roast.

the list of 10 Best Lizzo songs

About daman Timespecial2022
Boys Cuzlove you2019
truth HurtsCuz love you2019
JuiceCuz love you2019
Good as HellBarbershop ( the next cut)2016
Cuz Love youCuz Love you2019
Scuseco-count oils2016
Tempocuz love you2019

If you’re thinking of losing fat from dance

the songs have more music with more tones, that type of songs are best for dances, choose a song,

  • Grrrls song
  • about damn time
  • Phone
  • Loki