Are You Ready ‘2B Loved ‘ Video is Coming…By Lizzo

Lizzo again prepares to hurt after about damn time, She again drops Teaser for “2B Loved ” Music Video is coming the way, it might be an extra hurt video left. She just shared the clip teasers on Instagram with a short clip.

With original audio 23 seconds of music” Fan got a sneak peek, The clips concept may with dresses of wedding sets, that is “Truth hurt” on the roadways with car request every fan.

Lizzo Tweet on August 14 2022 ” ARE YOU READY..? “The 2B LOVED’ Video is coming soon…

The Songs Teller:

Girl, I’m about to have panic attacks

Verse 1:

i did the work, it didn’t work, ah, ah, Mm,Mm

that truth, it hurt, goddamn it hurts, ah, ah, ( goddamn, it hurts)

that lovey-dovey shit was not a fan of it Uh Uh

I’m good with my friends, I don’t want a man girl

I’m in a bed, I’m way too fine to be here alone too fine
on the other hand, I know my worth, ah ah

and now he calliin’ me Brr, why do I feel like this?

What’s happening to me? Oh, Oh

On Instagram, You said no…Runaway Bride!!! Enjoy the sun, sand & surf!!

Did I Say Yes?

Another comment, Omg my heart instantly and give the emoji.

Here are sea videos in the wedding dresses “white” We guess it is weeding songs, that songs some sentimental and oceans.


This upcoming lizzo song it may also goes to viral than the previous long 24 lists.

The Song lyrics by Savan Kotecha, Peter Svensson, Max Martin, Ilya and Lizzo.

The music has been in July but right now share the clip of Teaser.

Somebody commented in this video clip” what dies Lizzo, this act will be shown the Dying here, she runs the fast on the sea.

Really Lizzo’s wearing to look “Queen, she is stunning of course but you know that wouldn’t be your wedding dress for real.

For Full songs, The Official Video, on Youtube, Lizzo’s new album “Lizzo 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) ” in premieres setting” it publish at 9:45 pm on August 15, Check out Notify me..

This song will be screaming out load to be sounded single, we would suggest to the ” this beautiful black queen miss with this track” see to going to buy the album from youtube” how to hear, and enjoy it. Your apple device may go to a full sound.

This is one of the best songs on the album, you can’t wait for the MV of 2B loved, this will be a hit for sure.

If you want to see performing on the stage of “today show” it makes you hurt, hare the speaker to connect with the soul, crying at seeing all the young girls.