20 Black fashion items, it goes viral on YouTube.

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I introduce all-black outfits for women that my secrets to finds on 2023. Join Brittney_cherelle as she steps into dressing rooms to test pieces from beloved retailers, trending items, and fresh collections. This fashion series serves as your in-depth handbook for making informed purchase decisions. Discover what’s truly worth it and what falls short, sparing you the disappointment of online shopping illusions—no need for returns.

Throughout this years so luxurios luxury items trends, my fixation on Abercrombie remained unwavering. It was my go-to ensemble for every laid-back day during my elementary school years (our attire was uniform-based). As I transitioned to middle school and gained the freedom to choose my outfits, I continued to sport Abercrombie from head to toe.

As recently as a year ago, stumbling upon an ensemble evoking “quiet luxury” and subtle sophistication at Abercrombie would have undoubtedly astounded me. The yellow looks, which I had long linked to TikTok and Youtube Viral by millane, and leg warmers, seemed maxi refined pieces. Yet today, outfits like the one I’m wearing have become a regular sight for the brand. Specifically, I’ve donned a scoop-neck tank with a silk-like texture, paired harmoniously with a slip skirt in a matching hue.

Considering my childhood fascination, my excitement knew no bounds when I began to notice that Abercrombie had taken a different path a few years ago—a path that leaned towards timelessness, sophistication, and a forward-looking style. This excitement multiplied exponentially when I received an invitation to get a sneak peek at the brand’s new flagship store on New York City’s illustrious Fifth Avenue.

Kelclight - Leather long Skirty Bodycon style
PHOTO:@Kelclight / Instagram

nestled among prestigious neighbors like Ferragamo, Cartier, and the Museum of Modern Art (undoubtedly chic). Like an enthusiastic child in a confectionery, I immediately commenced selecting pieces that, unlike the ones etched in my memory from my tween years, exuded a remarkable sense of maturity and refinement.

whitneywiley - Black Ruffle top with silver white pants and bags set
PHOTO:@whitneywiley / Instagram

20 Items, I Tried On That’ll Have People Asking, Wait—That’s for August looks

1. Ruched Wrap skirts

Shop Now: Milumia Ruched Wrap Skirt

The wrap-style design offers customizable waist fitting, enabling you to sculpt a tailored and flattering silhouette. Additionally, the skirt’s graceful drape and flow around your hips and legs can contribute to a visually slenderizing appearance. I got comfortable and flattering, I have a bit of a mom pooch and this skirt hides it! Wrap Leather mini skirts in black with black Tank tops look always fabulous, chic, and cute on anybody.

2. U scoop camisole

Shop Now: PUMIEY Bodysuit Backless Tank Top

No matter what you pair with this bodysuit, it’ll look elegant. The back cut is so flattering and thong, like it. The camisole truly serves as the ultimate foundation for any outfit. It effortlessly establishes a frictionless layer beneath your clothing and is available in a variety of materials, including cotton, lycra, and spandex. Notably, some camisoles come equipped with built-in bras, while those featuring delicate lace embellishments exude a chic, silky, and stylish charm.

3. Ribbed Bodycon

Shop Now: PUMIEY Ribbed Bodycon

It is 90s called—they said to buy this dress before it sells out. Perfect Bodycon, it is not a body shaper but a 100% skims dupe must-have. When you slip into a bodycon dress, you’re stepping into a world of style possibilities. Whether it’s a relaxed get-together or a glamorous evening affair, these dresses are your ticket to effortlessly exuding that chic vibe. They adapt to your style whims, making them the perfect choice for any occasion, you will go viral and more compliments.

4. Long sleeve skirt

Shop Now: Verdusa Swing Midi Skirt

This skirt is so comfy and flattering. I get a lot of compliments on it and it just feels so light and flowing. Will definitely need to buy more. I get from skirts extra length to the legs, it create curves and balance out the top half of my body, it is awesome. Furthermore, they have in various style, but I love this.

5. Amazing Neckline bodysuit

Shop Now: PUMIEY Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Premium finds the perfect bodysuit for fall, I am obsessed with this bodysuit. If you finds skim nude skin color bodysuit, it’s OK for you! subscribe to Brown also. I love in for warm this neckline, it’s cooling, i also wear for shapewear and good for layering and being warm without bulk.

6. Ruched Wrap long dress

Shop Now: The Drop Women’s Shelby Tie-Up Cutout Slip Dress

Cutouts much bigger and more noticeable than expected, deep black! and set the bags and heel also black shades! look amazing in 2024. Our Tiktook video always goes to viral when I wear this, it’s like a celeb’s to wear for a party.

7. Pull-On Ribbed Sweater Pants

Shop Now: The Drop Women’s Catalina Pull-On Rib Sweater Pant

If you find a really gorgeous linen pants, then it is perfect for traveling and everyday errands, pull-on closure, and polyester.

8. Tummy control Bodycon

Shop Now: QINSEN Tummy Control Bodycon

Very Flattering! Built-in bra shapewear always fits under bodycon dresses. A 4 ways stretch promotes the most countering the fat lines at the waist.It’s not every day that I say this, but I’m absolutely smitten with this. It’s a rare find for me to discover clothing that not only makes me look fantastic but also feel incredibly comfortable. Given my sensitivity to clothing, comfort ranks high on my priority list. Being a plus-sized individual, it’s often a challenge to come across clothing that offers both comfort and flattering style

9.Leather shoulder tops

Shop Now: Sakkas Matte Liquid Mock Neck Turtleneck Long Sleeve Crop Top

Essential for winter! exactly what you needed for this season.

10.Tight Leather pants

Shop Now: Commando Faux Leather Leggings

Match the sets of Skims dupe must-have for looking different for 2024, wear this shoulder top with faux pants and high heels.

11.Leather High-heels

Shop Now: Michael Michael Kors Lawson Open Toe

Take a minute to break in. I have a deep love for treated or waxed leather, as it possesses excellent resistance to water and other liquids. Beyond design! I also got innate durability, leather also offers exceptional comfort. A Leather uppers gradually conform to the contours of your feet, ensuring a snug and customized fit.

12. Mini Skirt

Shop Now: WDIRARA Mini Workwear Skirt

I got good length and stretchy materilal. This is surprised for me find on August, that this item actually was good since there was a mix of reviews from everyone but it fit perfect for me. I got a small because beacuse I’m Puls size, you choose a right size.

13.Mermaid Skirt (Rihana look)

Shop Now: 917 – Plus Size Faux Leather Pleated Mermaid Skirt

This is Rihana inspired long skirt. It has Faux Leather ruched at the knee. While it ended up being a bit shorter than I had hoped for, overall, it was excellent. It’s worth noting that it’s unlined and has a faux leather finish on one side, so keep that in mind. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it for everyday occasions due to the fabric choice, but it’s surprisingly stretchy and met my specific needs perfectly.

14. Cami dress ( Lori Harvey look)

Shop Now: Floerns Women’s Plus Size Satin Cowl Neck Wrap

This dress is Loru Harvey inspired look absolutely stunning! on every occessions. I received numerous compliments while wearing it! It has a faux wrap design, and since the material is lightweight, the seam is slightly visible, but it’s not a significant concern.

15. Rhinestone Crystal (lizzo inspired)

Shop Now: KRICESSEEN Sexy Rhinestone Crystal Mesh Clubwear

Did What it Was Supposed To Do! This is Lizzo-inspired as well as Beyonce also liked, I get the most compliments on the design and price, I bought this dress for a black and silver-themed anniversary party. I was worried it might be too short and I’d be adjusting it all night. Regrettably, I didn’t manage to capture any photos on my phone, but I received numerous compliments. Definitely go for it, sis! This dress is a winner.

16. Herterneck Criss Cross

Shop Now: MakeMeChic Women’s Plus Size Halter Criss Cross Cut Out crop Top

I’ve a lot tops but this for my belly dancing routine. Even though I got the smallest size available, it turned out to be quite large on me. Fortunately, I have some sewing skills, so I took in the entire top to make it fit properly. All in all, considering the price, it’s not a bad choice.

18.Trendy Coat Vegan

Shop Now: Fahsyee Women’s Faux Leather Blazer Jackets

Wow, what a pleasant surprise! This jacket fits perfectly and looks absolutely fantastic on me. It’s incredibly soft to the touch. I ordered my usual size, which is ‘M’, and while the arms are a tad too long (about 2 inches), I actually don’t mind folding them under, past the first button at the cuff (short arms). Surprisingly, it still lays flat and almost feels like it was tailor-made just for me! The material resembles leather, and it’s lined with nylon, plus it has a slight stretch to it. The stitching is top-notch, and overall, it appears to be a well-crafted item of high quality. If you’re unsure about getting one for yourself, I wholeheartedly encourage you to go ahead and make the purchase.

19. Faux Leather Shorts

Shop Now: iEFiEL Women Wetlook Crotch Zipper Faux Leather High Waisted Booty Shorts

These high-waisted booty shorts in a brief style with a crotch zipper! amazing I Feel, energetic. Absolutely adorable! The quality is fantastic, and that zipper is the real deal. The fit is serious, with that appealing high waist! to shape the tummy. I’d recommend sizing up though. I’m normally a true medium, but I could have definitely gone with a large for an even more comfortable fit.

20.Faux Leather pants

Shop Now: Commando women’s Faux Leather Cropped Flare Pants

“Featuring the Commando Women’s Faux Leather Cropped Flare Pants, crafted from a blend of 55% polyurethane, 44% viscose, and 1% elastane, these pants offer a sleek style. They come with a pull-on closure, and they’re machine washable. With four-way stretch and recovery, a signature smoothing internal waistband, and firming fabric with light compression, they promise a lot.

I was initially drawn to these pants due to how amazing they looked on the model. However, my personal experience was a bit different. The fit turned out to be quite peculiar. The material seemed to cling to my legs without any noticeable flare at the bottom. On the bright side, the fit around the hips and waist was undeniably flattering. Nevertheless, I couldn’t quite get past the unconventional appearance of the lower half.

20.1 Leather Boot

Shop Now: Naturalizer Women’s Rena Knee High Boot

These boots truly make a stylish statement, and the quality of the leather and craftsmanship has proven to be outstanding thus far. It appears that investing in genuine leather over synthetic materials is indeed justified. However, my primary concern centers around the toe box, which has remained somewhat constricting and hasn’t shown significant improvement over time, despite efforts to break it in. On a positive note, the chunky heel is at a manageable height for comfortable walking, but it does tend to produce a bit more noise than I typically associate with high-heeled footwear.

20.2 Latest Vegan Leather Bags

Shop Now: Like Dreams Bowtie Vegan Leather Crossbody Purse

I purchased this purse in a classic black shade. After noticing how much attention my sister-in-law’s purse, adorned with a delightful oversized pink bow, garnered from people wherever we went, I embarked on a thorough search in various stores. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this gem on fashion, truly my hero in this quest. The material is remarkably soft, closely resembling real leather, and the craftsmanship is top-notch, complete with well-designed organizing pockets. It’s larger than what I typically carry, but it’s a blessing as I can effortlessly accommodate all my essentials. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

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