How to Style Necklaces? 9 Celebs Tips

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Hollywood star Emma Stone stole the spotlight with a breathtaking diamond choker adorned with rare gemstones that looked so cute! At the same time, pop girl Ariana Grande oversized silver necklace was showcased so ordinate on Pinterest. Rihanna and Zendaya are more popular for their necklace influence on the fans.

What is Necklace

A necklace is a piece of jewelry worn around your neck with a long V-neck or rounds of styles. It typically consists of a chain or cord that holds decorative elements such as gemstones, beads, pendants, or charms, it is basic for complete looks. Necklaces come in a variety of designs, lengths, and materials, with a lot of color mix, gold or silver. It also comes in leather, fabric, or even plastic.

If you wear a simple thin and loose lecklace setting the long V-neck outfits tops create a good showing of your neck areas. In the Markets. a lot of kinds and designs and colors and sets available but it depends on your planning where to it use, and which types of dresses you want to earring.

How to style Nakelaces – 9 Celeb’s Tips

1. according to your Neck Length

If you’re a taller woman, above 5’2″ you’re really tally, always to keep longer earrings look like Dimond Jewels Celine, It helps balance your face look longer your look,

2. Consider the Face Types

Face types is more important for the style of necklace or eyeglasses, what is your face types? Oval, round, or long,. If you’re a round face V-neck style necklace is perfect. If you’re Oval then higher length necklace like

3. According to your Chest Fullar

If you have large breasts big figure, find a small necklace, that keeps up and good-looking like a lizzo………., Prevent the longer Necklace it may go to a “Waterfall look” figure.

4. According to your Outfits

If you wear a full-neckline bodysuit, then your necklace is goes Over a dress, If your outfit plane and full-arm bodysuit then wear a longer necklace like, if you in a vest or top.

5. According to long face

The face is more decidable for picking an earring, A long face with layering necklace or down lace gives you extra longer looks.

6. According to Your neckline

A neckline is one of the most important factors of a necklace, Over or under the shoulder off. Look at the Oscar Awards. For a more casual look while running errands or going to a day party, pair your Bodycon dress with a long V-neck. If you’re looking for a professional and stylish look for the office or work, pair your bodycon dress with a blazer and low heels.

7. Match colors combination

If your dress is Black and White Then (Dimond colors Ok), If your outfits are warm like ( Red, Yellow, Deep rewind, Blue and Hot, or Pink) Then Choose a Gold Color. it is Best suitable for any color of skin.

8. Balance with other Accessories

Keep the Same match Jewels ( Earring +Bracelets + Necklace + Heels ) and Outfits may be different or the same color set that no matter to say Anna Bay on YouTube.

9. Re-check your Jewels, it is old, Clean after use

You can from 3 Ways to neat and clean Cheaply, don’t use old discolorable jewelry that reduces your expensive impression looks. Make sure your style may be a good match with your other pair of jewelry sets like bracelets, earrings, and rings.

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