Top 5 Summer Outfit Formulas Embraced by Fashionable New Yorkers

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Every individual has a favorite season to dress for, and for me, it’s cute summer trends. This season’s gives me to experiment with an array of colors and silhouettes. No longer confined by heavy coats, I revel in the opportunity to showcase my pretty dresses and indulge in fabulous sandals, I also a previous week on a prime day cool outfits inspired by NYC women’s, Summer has truly won my heart as the ultimate season to express my fashion flair. This year, New Yorkers have taken their summer dressing game to a whole new level, elevating their outfits to beat the heat.

As I step out and absorb the city’s vibrant fashion scene with shapewear undergarments, I find myself inspired by the multitude of stylish looks adorning the streets. The sheer abundance of viral outfit ideas prompted me to curate a comprehensive guide featuring chic, elevated ensembles that fashion-forward New Yorkers are embracing wholeheartedly. Within this guide, you’ll discover versatile looks suitable for work-to-happy-hour transitions, first dates, exciting nights out, and various events, so you can rock the city with confidence and style.

Continue to read and see our five outfits formulas that have an absolute chokehold on me for the summer of 2023.

1. Nightout shorts + Chic sunnies + Hoop Earring

Regan Rae Fashion style night out closets
@iammckenzierose / Instagram

She is a fashion and style blogger at New York City, her every style amazing going to viral on TikTok and Instagram. She wears a nightout pinky dress with round eyeglasses and a hoop earring set! fabulous and stunning glance, look like a doll.

This Dress has a sexy flare long sleeve ruched cutout drawstring bodycon mini dress” that you can wear on a party or club night out for a short dress and keep hair style shorts and wear a foundation nude and lips colors is also nude. Her bracelets are widest that are so cute! I love how the look above was accessorized and the pearls and heeled mules are the perfection of Regan Rae.

Night out shorts dress

Shop Now: Women’s Sexy Flare Long Sleeve Ruched Night Out Short Dress

Loved this side cutout is adjustable. A tucked the strings into the dress amazing. The cut off the wrist strings and It rides up when walking so you may had to constantly pull it down tho. Get normal size in 5 size and Variety colors 20.


Shop Now: WOWSUN Y2K Sunglasses

Composite frame with lens They’re cute I wanted oversized these are not at all but they’re cute, width 60 and bridge 20 millimeters and non-polarized.

Hoop Earring

Shop Now: Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings

18K gold pleated with 925 silver and 1.6″ length with weight 0.29 oz which is good for comfortable earring styles with night-out looks.

2. Pencil Maxi Skirt + Crop Top + Straw bag + Mule sandal

Pencil Maxi Skirt and Crop Top and Straw bag with Mule sandal style
@frankietavares / instagram

A luxury vibes meet with fashion artist at NewYork, she has also californian a lot of styles to guide, for this look! She says ” I’m wearing a size XL bottom L on top Im not wearing a bra with it and not mad about it (These crop tops are too good.) 5’9” 206 lbs”.

It’s to Rare styles with pencil skirts and side tassels are so cute in the summer, but there is something about romantic dress with ruffles paired with seamless yoga crop top that feels so cool and fashionable. A cross-body bag vacation with a flat sandals and eye glasses, it improves extra luxurious look.

Pencil maxi Skirt

Shop Now: LYANER Women’s Fringed Side Tassels Elastic Waist Slim Bodycon Pencil Maxi Skirts

Side tassels design is amzing! if you want to more fit then wear a little tight size. It’s defenitily to need to wear undergarments of shapewear. Comfortable and great quality and stylist in 2023, NewYork Vibes nightout.

Yoga crop tops

Shop Now: OQQ Women’s 3 Piece Yoga Crop Tops

I love these tops styles! beacuse they are perfect for summer to wear without a bra while still feeling supported and material is very soft, stretchy, however I did size up to a large when I usually wear a medium because the mediums were a little tight under the arms. You choose true to size.

Straw bag

Shop Now: YXCXGO Straw hand Bag

I tested on this look amazing showing on this matching colors of ” Brown” double layer inside and strong handle high-qiality hardware and non-discolorable matalic used, it is best for me for gift I. Not for everyday very elegant look like a Newyork manhattan stores gucci quality.

Mule sandal

Shop Now: The Drop Women’s Pattie Block-Heeled Mule Sandal (Tan Snake)

I highly love tan snake colors printed with these matched! I prepare an elegant look with this mule sandal, walking comfortably and not for long distances but looking nice.

3. Red Gown + Gold bag+ Double circle earring + Laceup Heels

Red Gown with Gold bag and Double circle earring and Laceup Heels style
@katelann_j /instagram

This is my go-to look for super hot days in New York City at Manhattan. A little bit with red dress never fails me, and when it’s 90°F and humid, I’m going to opt with gold bags which is luxurious, I finds to hard it. My high laceup heels to more strappy so cute, and also you’ll look chic on these sets no matter where you’re going, Love it for any occasion or wedding, or red-carpets 20s or 30s.

Red Gown

Shop Now: Women One Shoulder Sleeveless Cut Out Bodycon Gown

Great red dupe, it is made 100% polyster. It looks great on, but I don’t think it’ll last very long. The zipper feels like it’s close fitting going up and down correctly. Don’t expect to hold onto it for a few seasons! when scroll hands on look stylist.

Gold bag

Shop Now: Bisadon Gold Bag ruched with Chain

I love this purse super cute gold pleated clutch and overall, go offline stores of Dior, I couldn’t find any favorite bags in best price. It is a beautiful bag with nice size too.

Double circle earring

Shop Now: JCzry double Circle Round earring

Large circle diameter of 4.5cm, which i a beautiful size for gown or red carpet dresses.

Lace-up Heels

Shop Now: ISNOM Lace Up Heels

Open Toy Thong lace up high design so fabulous on photo with this gown. Height 10cm/ 3.9 inch.

4. Runway Outfit (Swing Maxi + Ruffle)

This is the summer of white outfits with black accessories. It falls perfectly into the quiet-luxury trend and feels so Parisian and elevated. Whether a dress or pants and a tank, this all-white vibe topped off with black accessories is so good.

Swing Maxi Skirt

Shop Now: Voghtic Boho Ruffles Swing Maxi Skirts

if you have hips, you’ll have to put it on by pulling it over your head So cute. I’m 5’9″, 250lbs, this skirt is everything and very flattering add upper recommended lace up heels and earrings you’ve on wardrobe.

Off Shoulder Ruffle Tops

Shop Now: Ever-Pretty Shoulder Off Ruffle Sleeve Bodycon

This dress is absolutely ideal for any formal event. I had the pleasure of wearing it to an elegant, black-tie wedding, and I must say, it garnered me numerous compliments! It was definitely worth the investment. Despite typically wearing a size 12, I opted for a size 14 for this dress, and it was a perfect fit. Not too tight, but just right, allowing me to move around comfortably with ample room to spare.

One Shoulder side split

Shop Now: PRETTYGARDEN One Shoulder Satin Dress

I was delighted with my purchase of this dress for a wedding. Opting for a medium size turned out to be the perfect choice, given my height of 5’1, C38 bust, and 32-inch waist. To enhance the allure of the outfit, I skillfully used fabric tape to slightly widen the slit, achieving a sexier look. The small cutout on the hip and the adjustable drawstrings on both the hip and shoulder areas allowed me to customize the fit to perfection, which I absolutely loved.

5. Maxi Slit Dresses + Flat sandal + Tank + Cross body bag

Maxi slit Dresses Flat sandal Crop Tank with Cross body bag style
@lindseyressler / Instagram

If you’re looking for an outfit to carry you from the office to drinks, this is the one for you. A good maxi side slit cut long dresses with round neck crop tops stylists and flat sandal is comfortabale for a long office, ballet flats feels so pretty and on trend and match black. My bags are leather plated that are also black so create fav! looks. When I see lindse resseler to wear this sets , I bring to all in my wardrobe, and try one, it’s all fabulous for me.

Maxi Slit Dresses

Shop Now: SheIn Women’s Elastic Waisted Split Thigh Rib Knit Long Maxi Bodycon Pencil Skirt

The fabric of this skirt is reminiscent of high-quality legging material, offering fantastic support. It does a great job of lifting and holding the booty in place. Although there isn’t much tummy support, I’ve come to embrace my little pooch, but it could be an essential consideration for those seeking more support in that area. As for cellulite, I haven’t tested the skirt in direct sunlight, but I must say that I absolutely adored how it enhanced my figure. The slits add a touch of sexiness that further elevates its appeal.

Flat sandal

Shop Now: Dr. Martens Women’s Voss Hydro Fisherman Sandal

If you seek both comfort and style but aren’t particularly fond of the Black stitching, then this sandal is the perfect choice for you! for this set. One of the things I adore about these sandals is how they can be adjusted in two places, ensuring a perfect and customized fit. The footbed is exceptionally breathable, keeping your feet cool and comfortable. Surprisingly, despite being platforms, they remain lightweight, making them a practical and stylish option for any occasion.

Crop Top Tank

Shop Now: MISSACTIVER Crop Tank Top Crew Neck

I had a positive impression of this shirt, but to achieve the desired length, I opted for a medium instead of a small. Thankfully, it ended up being the perfect length, reaching just below the belly button. However, the fit around the waist and bust turned out to be excessively large. Since I needed to wear this shirt as part of a costume and couldn’t get a replacement in time, I improvised by taking in the side seams about 4 inches to make it fit better.

Cross body bag

Shop Now: VODIU Clutch Tote Handbags

I adore this bag! To be completely honest, it’s my very first purse, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Attaching the straps was a breeze, and the size of the bag is just perfect for my needs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it even came with a chain strap! Moreover, there were no unpleasant smells or anything of that sort. Although I’m aware it’s made of Pu Leather, I took the precaution of spraying it with leather protector, just to be on the safe side!

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