Fashion finds series lunches by slimtoslim, this is fisrt.

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I’ve a lot of ideas on fashion, beauty and looks to finds from past 3 years, amazon products like who what wear styles fashion products you can find slimtoslim, recently lunches a series in a 100 post regular everyday 12:45 PM accorrding to NYC time frame, In this series viral fashion finds from TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube and Amazon fashion, beauty and look products with best recommendation from experts and influncers, that might trendy and runways to recent times on the markets.

Let’s go start What I show you fisrt day today, we previously last week pickout the Barbies inspire pink fashion items that vertical change in USA markets. I had same barbies hair, clothing, and some beauty items perfect for you. In this week, also I found 24 items for plus size women’s very good, latest fashion finds are differents, it is summer fall strat the winter seasonable products, whatever, in this week viral fashion finds on fashion finds on instagram, same as who whatwear styles you can founds here…

Who: Galenn Sekulich

She is fashion experts of fashion finds, outfits ideas and casual styles, curvy women’s her every styles may beyond like a lizzo, I’m fan of galenn sekulich, her storefront managing with sets, I see so suite fall must haves, august finds and july fainds and more. You can see a lot of ideas with her stores fronts but some Viral fashion finds you can see here, that products I love order and used that’s are only here included.

I stand at 5’2″ and weigh 110 pounds. My typical size is an xsmall, but even a small in this particular shirt turns out to be excessively snug. I generally prefer my clothing to fit tightly, and this shirt certainly adheres to that preference. I bringing in August Crewneck T-shirts, Wrap jeans, knit shorts, and more so affordable and trendy and runways I feel..

1. Fall Must Haves

Crop Tops Crew Neck T Shirt

Shop Now: PUMIEY Women’s Short Sleeve Crop Tops Crew Neck T Shirt

Beyond chic.Beyond chic. To shape back fat, arm fat and reduce back pain from it, it is nice half bodysuit for my everyday wear. Love the black and pink color.

Double Breasted Long Tech Coat

Shop Now: Makkrom Women’s Double Breasted Long Trench Coat

Super Long trench coat! A trench coat looks very high-end. It is coat windproof classic lapel slim overcoat with Belt, fabric lining is fine.

Fashion Boot

Shop Now: Steve Madden Women’s Howler Ankle Boot

Best ankle arch and sole! I’ve founds Beyond comforatble oversized shirts that an Amazing Deals, high-rated so I order it but I get real, I’m staisfy with this colors and design of ankle from arch.

Oversized sweat shirts

Shop Now: EFAN Womens Oversized Sweatshirts Outfits Clothes 2023

Viral Oversized oufits.

Undescrubs layer T-shirts

Shop Now: OQQ Womens 3 Piece Underscrubs Layer Tee Shirts

I Also found TikTok viral bodysuit that skin friendly in full length with flare jumpsuits and square neck, create your look slimming whithout shapewear.

Viral Jumpsuits

Shop Now: QINSEN Wide Leg Jumpsuits

I found Full body jumpsuits like skim dupe.

Winter fall shirts

Shop Now: Blansdi Women’s Casual Winter Fall Shirt

Good Quality! Linen & block print.

Down shirts

Shop Now: HangNiFang Womens Oversized Button Down Shirts

Eaxactly, what I have been looking for! wear over a short and crop tops.

2. August Finds

Recently. latest 16 August falls in the season of summer. In the Southern America, the month falls during the season of winter. The ending of summer and starting a summer vacctions viral finds.

Ruffle sun dresses

Shop Now: Womens Puff Sleeve Ruffle Sun Dress

This is new! it has no reviews.

High-waisted cargo pants

Shop Now: Lepunuo Women’s High Waisted Cargo Pants

It is Travel Streetwear baggy stretchy Pants with 6 Pockets drawstring ankle cuffs so cute and stunning.

One straps sports bra

Shop Now: CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Womens One Shoulder Sports Bra

Herterneck Cocktail dress

Shop Now: LOGENE Women’s Elegant Sleeveless Cutout Halter Neck Satin Cocktail Dress

You’ll get so much wear out of this cocktain dresses. Gold color is trends on Pinterest.

3. July Activewear

Taupe color Long Line sports bra

Shop Now: CRZ YOGA Longline Sports Bra

I’ve recently become a member of an upscale women’s gym, prompting me to upgrade my workout attire. During my search, I stumbled upon this incredible cropped workout top! If, like me, you’ve had reservations about trying out a crop top, I wholeheartedly recommend you head straight to August finds for this gem. It boasts an integrated padded shelf bra, removable bra pads, an extensive array of colors, provides commendable medium support, and its length perfectly complements high-waisted shorts or leggings. Don’t hesitate—seize the opportunity!

Butterlux yoga pants

Shop Now: CRZ YOGA Butterluxe High Waisted Lounge Legging

Lately, I’ve had the delightful experience of uncovering the most effortlessly comfortable and fashion-forward soft leggings I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. They are like butter! right discovering for my hieght.

Fashion Friday Deals

Get the best fashion deals on friday sales, it’s totaly runways.

Skin feels tops

Shop Now: PUMIEY Women’s Crew Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Fits like a glove and snatches you in all the right places! dupe of skims.

One Piece Shorts

Shop Now: AUTOMET Womens Jumpsuits Unitard Bodysuits

Inseam was longer, perfect for home lounge. Feel and look a lululemon and better for price.

Double Layer Crop Tops

Shop Now: Move With You Double Layer Crop Tops

I’ve seen a lot of crop tops ! this stypes I’m not, after I wear on plus size boobs, I get so comfortable and unique in 2023. I’m proud of my dear gelenn hacks.

Viral Popilush lace shapewear bodysuits

Shop Now: Popilush Lace Shapewear Bodysuit V Neck Tummy Control

I never ever forgot this bodysuits shapewear beacuse, it help me perform on party I win the program so I deeply love this V-neck with aduastable straps, good thong length and smooth my lumps bumps around tummy control.

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