5 Swim coverup Trends that Faded Away: A Look Back at What’s Not Seen as Much Anymore, and 5 That Are Still Going Strong

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PHOTO: @ashleebock

Embrace the Height of Summer! By now, your wardrobe likely consists of denim cutoffs, chic tank tops, and of course, plenty of bikinis! Whether you’re heading straight to the nearest pool, planning a fun beach day, Women’s.king up the sun on your rooftop, chances are you’re reaching for a swimsuit multiple times a week. That’s why we’re here—to make sure your swimwear collection stays fresh and up-to-date!

Curious about the summer swim trends that are taking a backseat this season? I’ve delved into the current fashion scene, and it’s clear that one- piece swim styles have been noticeably absent. Now, don’t rush to discard them entirely, but it’s interesting to observe what’s become less prevalent and what’s rising in their stead.

Embrace Summer’s Essential: Swimsuits! If you haven’t discovered your perfect style (or even a few), now’s the moment to do it. Check out the swim trends that are currently missing in action, and explore the styles I’ll be rocking all season.

1. Matching bathing suits + Deep V neck + Cover Up

Bathing suits Coverups Beach styles
@nisshee_stylealbum / Instagram

Welcome to the summer of 2021, Deep V-neck with wraparound bikini tops tying and coverup chiffons were once everywhere. However, the midriff-floss trend has now taken a backseat, making way for the rise of tie-front bikinis one piece—a gorgeous and effortlessly wearable style. This trend allows you to incorporate front ties into your existing triangle tops, adding a captivating touch to a previously simple look and waist chinching.

Matching bathing suits

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Mathing bathing suits with cover-up looks more fabulous when it comes with herlterneck, tieing red to put tummy control. I had a unique experience with this swimsuit as I didn’t encounter the length issue, despite being 5’7″. However, I did notice that the left side of the suit had a gap, unlike the right side, which made it look strange. Even though my chest is evenly proportioned, the swimsuit’s uneven fit made me appear lopsided, which was concerning. I’m not regrets with this design, because it’s coverup so stylist.

Deep V neck

Shop Now: CUPSHE Women’s One Piece Swimsuit Sexy Deep V Neck

Get waist support and give a little more figure where most one-piece suits would be loose and baggy on the sides. It help to my mom pooch and tummy fat to cinch. I love the print and color mixing too.

Rhinestone coverup

Shop Now: Honganda Sexy Women’s Pearl Rhinestone Cover Up Dress bathing suits sets

The item was exactly what I wanted I found for my beach fashion vaccation, it’s pearls decoraion that I love star stones design. The rhinestones as star so cute with white bikini sets.

Color Block one- piece swimsuits

Shop Now: MakeMeChic Women’s Color Block One Piece Bathing Suit

Pairing it with a stylish black wrap gives it a dressy appearance as well.A my waist block looking curvy and flattering. Since my kids are older, I no longer require a casual run-around swimsuit. This option is perfect for looking sharp at the pool, and even with a bigger bust, I feel well-supported.

2. Two Piece swimsuit sets

Two Piece Swimsuit style Trends
@alexis.belbel / Instagram

Online, you’ve surely seen the surge in Alexis belbel details. I’m ramkumari fan of Alexix belbel, but I’m big, They’re everywhere, from dresses to heels, but particularly in swimwear also so cute. Printed offer highly sought-after styles, and now, almost every retailer carries these beautiful cute bikini sets. It seems these eye-catching suits have replaced the once-popular kitschy tie-dye print. Straps thing strongs to support of breast comfortably at beach when you walking on the sand or corner of sea.

Two Piece bikini sets

Shop Now: RUUHEE Women Stripe Printing Padded Push up 2 Piece Bikini Sets Swimsuits

Not flattering on my mom bod after trying it on, but the high-end material is worth noting. This is 100% polyester made push up bra styles straps closure are adjustable it is best for me! The suit is comfortable, and I appreciate the flattering criss-cross style of the top when tied in the back. The unique shade of blue is a plus. However, the stretchy bottoms weren’t my preference, as I prefer a bit more compression for my belly. The top fit well, and I liked the color, so I’d recommend it with some reservations.

Bikini Tie High cut

Shop Now: MOOSLOVER Women One Shoulder High Waisted Bikini Tie High Cut Two Piece Swimsuits

I love this color and cut-out of this suit! sky blue is amazing look at beach when with Zebra lining panties and Tie at waist and one shoulder help me define the curvy. Went with the pink and red leopard print that is also my favorite. The top is cute, trendy, and provides good coverage with a nice touch of side tie. While I’m not usually a fan of high-waisted bottoms, these are alright. They were right about the “cheeky” fit, though. Personally, I prefer a slightly wider triangular area in the front, but it’s manageable. The material is soft and stretchy.

3. Bikini Sets + CoverUp

Two-piece bikini with Coverup Sarong style
@porsha4real / Instagram

I’ve lot of styles in bikini swimwear looks with perfect products for you! I’m Porsha4 real, my all styles you check to my secrets on storesfronts! more than 70 items ideas, I would say you comes in right place, if you find a One color (bikini buttom + Tops + Coverups) I guide to you what are you goes to perfect.

O Ring bathing suits

Shop Now: Hilinker Women’s O-Ring Cutout Halter High Cut Bathing Suit

This is my first high-cut out bathing suits with O ring cutouts, big waist cut-out design and backless, neck haves long U, stunning! I give high rating.


Shop Now: Ekouaer Women Sarong Swimsuit Coverups

If you search nude color long sarong with good quality, then it’s for you! Very comfortable and affordable.

4. Plus size swimwear ( Barbie)

Plus size swimwear fashion trends
@mskristine / Instagram

Except for the Barbie-pink shades mentioned earlier, swimwear collections in the fashion world have noticeably phased out highlighter hues such as neon green and orange. Instead, a preference has emerged for stylish contrast-trim designs that evoke a strong sense of ’90s mskristine.

Tummy control Bathing suits

Shop Now: Daci Women Plus Size Tummy Control Bathing Suits

I am feel tummy control and shape with Barbies pink trends in this week. The fabric felt lovely, and the back strap provided excellent support. While the front string was a bit awkward for my personal taste, the bikini’s edges were smooth and didn’t constrict me. The design accentuated my hourglass figure even more. If you prefer less cheeky swimwear, this is a great option. Pink colors Barbie is viral on Tiktok so I bringing from mskriste “shoptlk” I wear this looking so cute and I also love another pieces.

High-waisted swimwear

Shop Now: Sovoyontee Women’s 2 Piece Plus Size High Waisted Swimsuit

The Wireless cups has flexible fits and full mesh lining prevents the bulges and lifted bust control, V-neck Criss cross adjustable. It’s to loose on me so check size chart.

5. Swim + Coverups

Swim and Coverup style
PHOTO: @ashleebock

Is it really summer 2023 if we’re not mentioning Barbiecore? The influence of the Barbie movie’s release this summer can be felt in every corner of our closets, and yes, that means swimwear is getting a bright-pink makeover too. Think super-saturated shades of fuchsia and bubblegum pink and classic cuts. With the rise of this aesthetic, I can’t help but notice that cottagecore swimsuits aren’t quite as popular this summer.

Maxi Dresses Beach swimwear coverup

Shop Now: Women’s Sexy Sheer Mesh Pearl Rhinestone Cover Up

As a plus-size girl, I was concerned about the fit, being a size 16, wearing XL-2X clothes, and having a 40G bust. But I took a chance and I’m thrilled I did! I had to adjust the sleeves around my upper arms for comfort, but the rest fit well with a bit of stretch. It can be a little warm, but I received many compliments when I wore it. Some pearls came off my butt, likely from sitting, but overall, it’s worth trying!