How To Clean a Waist Trainer? Anti-Bacterial

Clean your waist trainer, there are certain steps that you should follow to make sure to protect the integrity of the Shaper garment and keep it Antibacterial and sanitary shop.

Since waist trainers tend to be worn very close to your skin, it is important that they are cleaned regularly so they don’t become a health hazard.

Below are some simple steps that will help you clean your waist trainer in no time.

Before, start cleaning your waist trainer

Make sure that you read all the warnings included in your piece to avoid damaging it.

  • Like any other workout gear and apparel, If you do exercise, your waist trainer needs to be cleaned after every use.
  • This will help promote long-lasting results and prevent the build-up of bacteria that causes odor.
  • If you don’t wear it while exercising, use a daily at home for a couple of days must to need a wash.

If your waist trainer has absorbed the salt water every day in Gym Center, You simply wash it from any anti-bacterial shop and dry it in direct sunlight.

Use to Hand Wash properly

It is a simple process don’t need a passion for it, but our aim is to protect you from bacterial infection with your skin or waist trainer.

Wash a Daily under 10 minutes

Step 1: Invest in the right material to make a waist trainer

Step 2: Use a mild cleanser( shampoo, body wash, anti- detergent powder)

Step 3: Put (5-10) minutes to get wet on all surfaces.

Step 4: After some 5 minutes rinse gently with brush or hands fingers.

Step 5: Touch all sections and keep the metal steel bone area gently.

Finally, you 3 times to wash normal water, don’t use hot water and Dry it from direct sunlight in the morning, the sunlight extra to help kill the bacteria.

Note: You shouldn’t use a machine to wash a waist trainer, it might break your washing machine because waist trainer steel bones are a hard material. For drying don’t use an artificial dryer that creates shrinks looks, because made with latex or polyester.

QNA’s of Waist Trainer ( In shortcut)

1. How often should you wash a waist trainer?

If you use them daily in a workout, wash them daily, if you use sitting only then recommended to wash a couple of days.

2. How to dry the waist trainer?

No restriction in sunlight, but in the morning, it helps kill bacteria, and allow it to dry naturally.

3. How many hours a day use a waist trainer? they make a healthy shape.

If you want to wear a healthy slim waist, consider the diet, exercise, and 5-10 hours daily. On a diet consume more carbs foods but energetic.


No, confuse about washing a cincher, trimmer belt, sauna belt, waist trimmer, and every type of waist trainer shapewear in the same process to wash, it gives better results for durability and dis-color.