What is the Wrap Waist Trainer?-WWT.

A waist trainer is a shaping garment that is available in many designs like girdle, cincher, corsets and wrap bandage but all propose it once to get a smaller waist.

But Wrap Waist Trainer short name is WWT,  it have swathe styles like WWWWW__ one long  13ft, 19ft, and 26 ft etc and more, approximately  (3-6)m length and width (4-6) inches thickness around 1.0 mm, it is new and work on waist trainer products field.

The bandage wrap comes in one length very comfortable on plus-size women’s and no tension for size is going to wrong to need a return, these are 12 examples of the best bandage wrap.

It is made of good quality natural rubber, polyester yarn with hooks or eyes, and velcro mostly in black. WWT is one of the newest tools for women in the waist trainer field. 

Very people of women trust it works on a smaller appetite while wearing a tightly and long time but this garment creates artificially feeling of fullness.

Waist trainers work on targeted fat loss “spot reduction” to shape lower belly fat in flat or hourglass figures. It helps to create an attractive circumference of the stomach but not longer, if you put on a healthy diet with some exercises to get a smaller waist so fast.

However, Wrap waist trainer “WWT” has more benefits than other shaping products.

Benefits, Supports and it helps on

  • Better posture

Getting a slim posture very people of women to teach on youtube, wear a long time such as: at slipping in a week, 15 days or a month so fast work but result in a back pain or depression sleep, always steady or slowly fat loss is healthy,  highly recommended use while workout they help maintain of oxygen level and spot fat reduction, hit the fat cells then work on fast, whatever “WWT” you can use any time in a “Night sleep” no more side effects.

  • Hourglass figure

Every female person wants to be an hourglass figure, but for “S or OoO ” figures midsection of body, WWT is a good option without side effects and harmless waist trainers.

  • Weight Loss

You’re an expert on your body, you’ve information on  “how to lose weight” but not regular and with passion, so we force you “Cardio” and move activities is basic and add extra “WWT” tools while you walk in the morning.

  •  Postpartum support

Optimum support on recovering from abdomen injuries and surgeries such as: tummy tuck,  hernia, kidney  or lipo surgery, it may help extra on back pain or discomfort. A pregnant woman dislikes this.


  • Breathing problem

A wrap waist trainer (WWT) has less breathing effects than other types of waist trainer, according to consumers or reviewers on youtube it can be adjusted friendly so it depends upon how tightly to wear you.


  • Sitting down / comfortable

When you sit down it is not uncomfortable to feel pretty comfortable and adjustable. Keep in mind leather to leather down more attection, it over more use black jeans, legging or jumpsuits or other outfits material to help better looks.

  • Roll down/ support

Poor sizing waist trainers commonly don’t stay in the right place and waste you money like cincher, fix holded volume made, but wrap styles are not rolled down while you are sitting, walking, running and exercise, extremely feel comfortable.

  • Size and Return

In this design there is no tension on size, short, medium or long because you adjust the tightness according to your needs, not required to return when you go to some wrong size order.

How to use it correctly?

Start with both hands touch a little flap velcro, wrap from the bottom of stomach many times (six-seven) round-up slowly (no tighter no looser) make sure smooth corner continuously no-create any lines, do wrap all stomach until lower of the bust., If you feel uncomfortable make it easy fitting, slowly close with your eyes or hook on the top end… In the beginning, one week no more tight, while sleeping no-recommendation, in a day some hours you can, if you use in a workout more works on weight loss. In visuals, how to use it, see with Kyonnaaa, she says these types of belts are game changers.