Can a waist trainer make you gassy?

Science says that it’s possible to make yourself gassy with a waist trainer, if you have an existing digestive issue. In fact, some women use gas as evidence that their waist trainers are working by squeezing the excess air out of their bodies. Experts also say that wearing any body shaper for extended periods of time could stretch your abdominal muscles, which could cause the liver to slow down its digestive process, making the body over-produce gas as waste from this process at a faster rate than usual, like waist trainer disasters.

Yes, it can. According to authors of a study published in the journal Gastroenterology[1] (in 2004), wearing a waist trainer may increase the risk of bloating and flatulence in healthy people.

Lets be honest: one of the biggest issues with waist trainers is, well… the farts. Sometimes you’ll be talking to someone (Like KIM) at a cocktail party and then there’s an awkward moment of silence where everybody erks collectively. That’s why it is nice to know that when you wear our Anti-Bloat Waist Trainer, you’re not only getting a trimmer tummy and a sleeker silhouette, but all of the flatulence-reducing benefits as well.

Waist training is a way for women to wrap their midsections into a corset-like garment that emphasizes the waist. While many women who practice waist training have toned abs, some find that it can cause bloating and gas. This can be due to cutting off breathing or nutrient absorption in the intestines. Although there are women who boast that waist training has changed their lives and boosted their confidence, some women aren’t fans of the process.

A question that is often asked of waist trainers and corsets is whether or not the corsets cause bloating. What some people do not know from their experience, is that common signs of bloating can be caused by diet, lifestyle and general habits. The waist trainer has been known to help tone and reshape your figure, it will not cause you to pop open if you surpass your recommended usage time frame.

Waist trainers are an old school way to shed inches and flatten stomachs. The question is: Can they really blast fat and boost your metabolism with the power of corsetry? Recent research says, “Yes.” And now two doctors have teamed up to bring these historic pieces straight to you your stomach but more tight and more boning may very dangerous…Dr. Oz “Say” it is disaster when you want fast and more boning…

Fashionable and functional beyond its intended use – the waistline trainer has created quite the stir from attractiveness seekers to health aficionados alike.

Waist training has been all the rage for celebrities for some time now. As a result, lots of women are getting waist training shapewear.

The Art Slimmer is a revolution in the modern fight against fat. By using this slimming trainer, you’ll be able to transform your body and make it more attractive.

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Wraps styles waist trainer is good, not more stress on your waist.

With so much talk about waist cinchers and corsets, it’s easy to forget that the bodice isn’t the only tool for shaping and slimming your waistline. Corsets may be back in fashion, but the waist cincher has been around forever—and it goes beyond the world of burlesque and bridal gowns, with everyday women using them to improve their midsection definition.

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