The Ideal Amount of Sleep in middle age and older research show

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Scientist say they have optimum amount not to little not to much – at least — in middle and old age to need right hours… research show..

What’s your sleep amount in hours, compare with new research sleep hours, take care on your mental health with physical.

Research has found the 7 hours deep sleeping is good amount of our lifes when we across in middles or older ages. Continue seven our sleep to reduce our stress of minds and repair died cells in our body.

Seven hours sleeps connected with better mental health, anxiety and depression and worse overall well-being.

In night Deep slipping, sufficient rest to grow our powerful brain ability to learn fast, new ideas, and problem to solve, making a good decisions even force the stay with peace lifestyles.

The Research comes from Chaina and United kingdoms, a professor at China’s Fudan University and an author of the study published on scientific journal Nature Aging, published on CNN news,
500,000 adults ages 38 to 73 who were research by the U.K. Biobank — a long-term, government-backed health study. Participants were asked about their sleep patterns, mental health and well-being, and took part in a series of cognitive tests. Brain imaging and genetic data were available for almost 40,000 of the study participants

They said in a statement
” But the reasons why older people have poorer sleep appear to be complex, influenced by a combination of our genetic makeup and the structure of our brains.”

7 hour sleep optimal sleep for an age between middles and older. Brain congnitive, chemical release, brain structure and interconnection percental cortex to make good relationship between “ mind & body,

Another study by Carl W. Bazil, MD, PhD, the Caitlin Tynan Doyle Profesor of Neurology at Columbia University Medical Center. say, ” Your brain is actually very active during sleep doing important things, it not just resting”

Congnitive minds” brain” recharge and reorginize, it self while during sleep.

Sleep is an most important for best performance in our daily life as well as normal brain functtioning.

We’re not say exactly in “short preiod-” to much and to low sleep is cuase of congnitive, our personal anlysis, if you long period ” you didn’t sleep minimim 7-8 hours in a day, it may shows and feel of your life.

Other research has found on older adults” 6 hour sleep is high risk , it has linked to cardiovascular disease. NCBI, an overview, a number of abnormalities have been linked with sleep apnea but are likely a reflection of the comorbidities associated with morbid obesity rather than causal, Sleep is must 7-8 hour for all adults older peoples.

Dr. raj Das gupta is an American Academy of Sleep Medicine and assistant professior of clinican medicine at the Keck school at Southern california, who said Sleep is deep connection with Congnitive problems. Who not involves in research but agree with this sleep no low no enough sleep is better.

Conclusion, According to our views All researcher and advisor and news to say the amount of ” 7-8″ hour healthy ideal amount.

Extra Benefits Of 7-8 Hour Sleep: Balance the harmones together sugar levels, immunity power, obesity, and eyes rest. The stress of mind new refresh and improve of mood peace and gental.

The total of 20% sleep is gone REM sleep, Mayoclinic says, when important work does not do then our mind think how to do complete it? this is main cause sleep disorder.

In 2017, Dr, PEGGVE DILWORTH ANDERSON,is expert of ‘brain and health” who say, 7-8 hour sleep to make better brain health, with scientific evidence.

But this year 2022, noted between 7 hour, good news, magic number…

The Good morning America to react magic number of sleeping amount is 7 hour for this study, perfect amount of sleep time…7-9 hour.

Sleep time of amount is depend on quality of deep sleep,

How to get more deep sleep 6 tips and benefits help to meet this research 7 hours:

There are some reasons cause of low quality and low amount of sleep, that is ” busy daily life” this is comman problem, but we make a simple, to manage from “6 steps to better sleep” , in a short, health orgination to say ” keep stick on sleep sechdule”, and reduce alcohol and hungry before bed” both are releted to busylife.

Secondly, management and envionment of sleep places bed, security feel must.

Deep Sleep

7 Hour Deep Sleep
Day sleep and Night sleep relation with deep sleep, Images credits:@unspash

In Sleep 7 hour has 3 stages ” In Night but not with add + Amount of day sleep,

the research shows results with night time sleeping dutation continues 7 hour,

( not for example 2 hour day + 6 hour night)

First stage, only few minutes Eye movable sleep.

Seconds stage, reduce the body tempretures, reduce the heart rate and go for dep sleep

Third stage is known as deep sleep, slow-wave sleep, Your heart rate and breathing levels goes to down

Th quality of sleep have more benefits, Scaning the brain every night remove the negative thoughts and reduce the…

  • Heart desease
  • tiredness
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Hypertentions

Help to get a better skin looks, fresh looks, beauty looks, and best body shape.

How to get more deep sleep?

We know best quality of sleep is 7 hour! Our views, need to keep regular exercise, HIIT workout with waist trainer, Suana, and with sechdules.

Keep healthy diets according to healthlines giudelines for deep sleeping diets “Ketogenic Diets” and deep sleep supplements.