Can Hula Hoop flatten your stomach?

To get a smaller waist only hula hooping exercises is not complete fulfillment of your body all types of workout steps, our body need to some other workout and healthy diet also. But only hula hooping exercise can help to get a flatten stomach hula hooping is a good option, it can be done anywhere no need to go to more places,it work on “spot fat reduce” theory. If you include in your daily routine may help you burn calories, waist fat and tones midsection muscles. In addition,even it can help flatten your stomach with all over to your fat reduce because your body therapy move so very useful heart rate maintain.

Who invented the Hula Hoop?

Hula hoops are very loved by children for playing game purposes but today adults also like for weight loss. According to, The founder of hula hoop is may not clearly define, but Richard knerr and arthur  “spud” Melin of the Whan-O company hold the trademark on the name of Hula Hoop in 1958, in the beginning to making with plastics pipes, but today time updated in products design and working feature.

In shorts, you get many benefits

  • In a  little space you do it,
  • Deficit the calories and lose all over body fat
  • best workout for abs
  • heart rate effective
  • no side effects but pregnancy women not recommended
  • Funny with music ( familiar)

When You perform in hula hooping You Feel Amazing

  • Stronger slimming flatten stomach work, your face smiling relaxes your body or mind, sweaty, and mood boosting for weight loss fast.
  • You Know you feel massage of your waist and hips, 
  • While you perform a hula hooping exercise, movement your body (back/front) and rounding the abs section it makes therapy on your stomach and creates a flatten.
  • It can help to make a gut, strong stomach and create a good blood flow for heart health..
  • It can also maintain the (Low/high) blood pressure, when you daily 20-30 minutes.
  • Hula hoop exercise is not only for the waistline, it reduces all midsection fat, arm fat, love handle, fupa, and lower back hip fats.

What is hula hoop made up

In ancients bamboo and plastic pipe but now super quality padded foam and stainless steel core that have installation and switch section features available for the purpose of put easily in small bags.

Normal Hula hoop Vs Weighted hula hoop

Weighted means moreweightening than normal hula hoops, Regular hula hoop normally less than 1.5 pounds, whereas weighted hula hoops is around 4-5 pounds, it has a plastic ring and one ball that twirling around your waist. It is made in high quality materials. In a packed extra 3-4 parts that need to be set up in a round shape, then using. If you use every day 30 minutes weighted hula hoops you will get the reproduce the great waist, increase leg elasticity, and great ass.

Does work to get a slim waist?

You get a many example of youtube video on a hula hoop exercising for getting a slim waist, but according to Almira Tanner, says, Hula hoop is equivalent to 

1 hour swimming,

220 crunches,

25 minutes of yoga,

And 1 hour jogging,You can actually burn 1000 calories from hula hoops in 15 minutes, that is amazing, see on Youtube Video of 10 minutes of hula hoops to get a smaller waist.

Actually, you understands when see “a.ndrea.aaaa” sister to hula hopping performing with normal/ regular, it helps for beginners.

If you’re a over weighted more having a fat at waist arounds a stomach then choose the weighted hula hooping exercise, it will help you tones a smaller waist in some inches after a months. learn from buzz feed TV more.

but not forgot the balance diet and other some exercises for your waist line. thanks.