What is Cellulite? Its Cause and How to get a rid of.

Disclaimer: This is not professional doctors advice, this is only for informational, for extra information you must check source of links.

Cellulite is a very common, non-dangerous fat under skin that mainly appear on women’s thigh, hips, buttock, and abdomen, many people try for remove from weight loss, exercise, massage oil, and their promote on the markets for solution of cellulite products, but not a solution long lasting, does not immediately work. It is main cause of geetics, if you’ve more cellulite, you will do treatment from” Laser and radiofrequency treatments, Cryolipolysis, Acoustic wave therapy, Surgery” it is medical term, source of treatment of cellulite  more information.

Cellulite only appears in the butt, thigh, and hips. Cellulite increases when you get a pregnancy, but it is not a big problem, after the baby loses it, from exercise and therapy. Cellulite looks bad when not covered up with clothes, it is not only a fat disorder. Cellulite has a collagen and other fat muscle cells disorder.

The Dr.Eric berg DC, says, with cellulite the collagen bands are partially or entirely dissolved, enlargement of fat cells, thin skin, circulation loss, fluid retention, back up of the lymphatic system, and Atrophy of the muscles underneath are disorder in cellulite, it means only fat is not in cellulite. Mostly collagen disorder in cellulite.

If you want deep theoretical knowledge on Cellulite go with Dr. Eric, On Youtube.

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The cause of cellulite is hormonal problem, that associate with:

  • The lack of collagen in skin and muscles
  • Too much cortisol, it means stress hormones that make muscles weak, or rapid weight gain.
  • Loss of growth harmones, increase fat hormones ( so we need to balance calories diets)
  • Too much insulin, it means medical term.
  • Loss of Melatonin, so we need to have a healthy deep sleep.

How to get rid of cellulite, 

All doctors, trainer and expert to suggest first to maintain your weight and do blast you exercise lunges, squats, retro walking, sprinting, heart rate maintain exercise with…

  • Rebound exercises
  • Red Light therapy
  • Get a massage on the targeted areas with tools or device
  • Fix the collagen problem
  • Use Massage cream before bed
  • Use dry brush on skin

What is the main cause of cellulite?

According to healthlines, Cellulite is “inner fat of skin” that builds up according to your age, genetics, and body of fat growing over all body. Sometimes a thick leg also appears of cellulite. Very women are not but some women’s high affected. Commonly it is found on legs, thigh, hips, abdomen, butt and sometimes at breast also. The main cause is your less activity, fat gain all over your body then you get the same ratio of thigh-fat,hip fat, and other.

In a pointly cause of cellulite

  1. Inactive
  2. Poor diets, carbs, or sugary
  3. Genetics or ages
  4. Meat and cheese, oil more using
  5. Gain weight 
  6. Pregnancy
  7. And some other

How to Remove it: Naturally

Hey! Enjoy very good news: You can At home #3 method to lose your Cellulite fat without workout how to: 

According to Doctor OZ, in interviews test from sharecare’ tips on 3 women’s says on Youtube,

First women Says-  Microneedling brush is work,

Second person- Caffeine cream and caffeine tea

Third women’s- big brush for rolling your skin,

But only these 3 method not complete solution of cellulite so,

At Home cellulite solution By Dr.OZ

Which exercises, foods, cream, brush, and other myths that help you to get rid of cellulite naturally see some myths that solve your question:

  • Cellulite is caused by toxins in your body
  • Women get more cellulite than men
  • Cellulite gets worse with age
  • Cellulite may be in your genes
  • Cellulite only happens to out-of-shape people
  • Exercise can reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Cardio is best for reducing all-over jiggle
  • Skin-firming creams can cure cellulite
  • Caffeine cream can cure cellulite
  • Non-invasive procedures for cellulite really do work
  • Liposuction will make your legs (or arms, or tummy) look better
  • Certain foods can help fight cellulite
  • Only a dermatologist should perform cellulite treatment

These myths are very interesting and useful for your questions, that might help you! For your cellulite:see in Detail: Myths and fact of cellulite

First steps: Cellulite workout

Only one place where a body cellulite fat that targeted workout is called  “spot reduce fat”, like a getting specific smaller waist. The muscle tightening caffeine cream is more work when you workout with hula-hooping. The hula-hooping exercises mostly affect the waist, thigh, and hips muscles areas of  fat, so having cellulite reduction easily If you’ve a leg massager tool, like a massage gun, it works on cellulite therapy deep tissue.

Cellulite looks bad when appears in one piece swimwear at beach all guys eyes contraction at thigh fat, so boyleg bathing suits are good ideas for this.However, some workouts are very effective on Cellulite, according to “Howdini”, Who says, Today many variety of devices and tools are available in the market for workout cellulite reduction these are ok! But this workout has an effect on your cellulite. Really this video was uploaded 9 years ago, but now is trending for cellulite workout why? It is natural and without a device you can reduce your cellulite effects.

Second step:Food that cause of Cellulite

Our body gets energy from diets and we perform, do you eat something that creates cellulite effects? What is the main cause of cellulite behind heridity, this is diet, very matter the your food choice in a daily routine. If you’re not removing some eating habits then all tips and tricks are not work, so you carefully guys! 

Eat this not that

  1. Processed meat and cheese
  2. Canon soap
  3. Soda and sweetened beaverage
  4. Barbeque sauce
  5. Cottage cheese
  6. Pizza
  7. Margarine and butter spreads
  8. Soy sauce
  9. White breads

Add in your Diets

  • Cilantro
  • Parsley
  • Buckwheat
  • Nuts
  • Grapes fruits
  • Water with lemon
  • The clothing you wear can make an impact
  • Smoking can affect the appearance of cellulite
  • There’s no permanent cellulite solution

In a conclusion, Cellulite is caused by toxin in your body, it occurs fat layer of collagen fibbers connective tissues under the skin, not only have women, it can appear all types of people,like celebrity, model and so on. when our height growth stop body goes to width and gain the weight even collagen production to decrease so we need to maintain balance diet, exercise and weight.