how to cover cellulite with makeup? On my Legs!

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First of all check your skintones & undertones what you’ve, If you can see your veins, you may be able to use their color to verify your undertone, is your warm or cool. For example, if your veins look greenish, then you may have warm undertones. People with blue or purplish-looking veins usually have cooler undertone, Skin tones match really important to choose the correct color of foundation, because they can make an uneven skin tone even worse. Be very careful in this point! you need a good concealer, apply on your lumps bumps areas with blender, have pure and natural vitamin c serum for your face, A cellulite, This helpful guide will show you how to create smooth legs or arms. You’ll learn from “Roxy jems” on youtube best makeup tricks with natural homemade, that can help you look and feel confident in your skin. There are many women who worry about the cellulite, and they want to learn how to cover it with makeup. The cellulite is a very common problem for many women, and it can be solved easily. You should use primer before you apply makeup on your face, so that the primer can act as a barrier between the makeup and your skin.There are lots of reasons of cellulite, but it can reduce and hide with makeup, depending on what you have available to you and the look you  want to achieve.

All of us have cellulite. No matter how beautiful and sexy we are, we have cellulite areas. There is no perfect body on the earth to have no cellulite. We have to learn how to hide or remove it with makeup skills.

Let’s cover up that cellulite! with Makeup

Here are some tips and products on how to apply makeup to a specific cellulite problem area thigh and legs skin: You can use your face cream, serums and cleanser on the cellulite:

cellulite is skin imperfections associated with the 1’st layer of fat in the tissues of the lower body.

Step 1: Clean the affected area with a gentle cleanser.

Step 2: Moisturize with a serum that contains ingredients that counter aging and best retinol.

Step 3: Make the legs look smoother and thinner by contouring them.

Steps 4. After that you use Cream or moisturizer.

Extra Ideas On Cellulite

If you want to extra fast rid of a cellulite, add in the diets collagen peptides.

cellulite or “orange-peel skin” (as it is sometimes called) is caused by one of two things:

Not forgot cellulite main cause lack of collagen in the muscles tissue, Dr, OG and Eric Berg DC says about this” A dry brush and Collagen Peptides more beneficial for cellulite. According to my experiences this 10 anti-cellulite product work on reduces of cellulite fat, caffeine scrubbing, anti-cellulite cream or oils and dry brush and deep-tissue massager gun works well to smooth the skin and camouflage unsightly bumps. Even mostly women show openly thigh-legs in swimsuits, if you planning for beach these 16 bathing suits hide your thigh, no need the makeup products. whatever, cellulite workout is must with “emi-wong”. Using foundation in a shade lighter than your skin tone can also help conceal cellulite. Very place to mention the in a beauty products tightening slim cream or serum also work, it is not cover but help for smooth and reduce. Good Luck!

Cellulite skin has bum, puffness and dryness, in research mostly for girls want to showing a hot legs but dumpiness looks bad, how to cover this dimpling fat with cream, lotion and gels.

If you whole body makeup, use before a best fat burning cream, after makeup products foundation and concealer ok!