Can I wear makeup if I have cellulite on my face?

Cellulite is a lumpy or dimpled skin, it mainly occurs at thigh, buttocks, hips and abdomen, sometimes someone a little bit signing see at face area also, but it is harmless, its main cause “connective tissue in muscle layer of our inner skin lack of collagen”, collagen is protein lack of collagen we get block of skin,breakout, finelines, sagging face or lifted muscles on a face that is called first stage of facial cellulite”, face stretch mark, it’s cause gain fat over all body & for young body height hormones stop but body wide hormones fast, both ages women’s ( young and ant-aging) can make naturally smooth in skinny look, a collagen ingredients products in makeup, skincare routine and diet (eating, wearing, face exercising), it may reduce it,Yes!

Can I wear makeup if I have cellulite on my face?

Yes! You Can wear a makeup on cellulite but…ingredients, colors shades has matches they gives smooth and reduce features, products are specially design for cellulite…problem solved.

Hey guys, I’m also plus size women, I’ve cellulite overall body with dimpling face skin, I’m used to flawless foundation, concealer, blusher and Eyeshadow, they’re good work on my face, it use overall body’s targeted areas of cellulite, when I need the show off skin in skirt, swimsuits or short dresses, when i need to go with husband, outof door I must wear a makeup on my cellulite face, thighs, buttocks.

Cellulite can Hide from 3 ways:

I’m using products to share with you! it may help to all black women’s, who have big thigh/ stomach fat with face cellulite sign.


Out of facial cellulite at thigh, buttock, hips or abdomen areas fat, you can hide …from flattering voluminous best trending with summer outfits, boyleg swimsuits, high-waisted jeans, and shapewear, but specially for face cellulite…with makeup.

2.Face mask- Covid-19

Facial cellulite with Covid-19 face mask & Islamic women’s use the Burka, may help to conceal face but it is not real way, for long term.

3.Makeup Artist

Good Skin artist painting may conceal the uneven skin black tones sagging face dimple look in youth or smooth, if you want to how to use makeup

E.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation medium coverage” Vanila” color for face.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07MWTGHHL&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=slimtoslim 20&language=en USir?t=slimtoslim 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07MWTGHHL

I’m American-African skin tones, this one my favourite shades for my skin, you can change the color available multi-shades, I put 1-2 pumps on dimple skin and blends well, smooth the all cellulite sign, my very friends suggest the e.l.f foundation for cellulite, it is real, I check it, it’s ok! for me face.

And for my leg, arm tattoo and body’s to use a dermablends, it awesome for me…below

Dermablend Leg and Body makeup, even tones finish, 3.4 FL.OZ

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This one #1 dermatologist guided premium products for cellulite hide, I use from past six months, it is good, you can use but for your thigh-buttock cellulite. It is waterproof body makeup products, it can use overall body like:, Face cellulite, Arm stretch, and thigh.

This one may fit well.on “brown skin & dark skin” legs.

I’m using more skirt or short swimsuits at beach so always paint with this my legs.

Under eyes lip balm

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This one my third hacks product ideas for me! Under eyes areas reduce apparance of aging lines and hydrate well. This is my concealer, it dramatically change me looks, so share with you.

My skill share with you:

Cellulite can reduce from many ways:

1.Nitric oxide or retinol

Benefits of retinol & nitric oxide ingredients in face serum

  • Prevent the wrinkle and smooth the likes or breakout in face
  • brighten and get new smoother skin
  • increasing production of collagen
  • increasing skin cells turn over
  • AHA/ BHA acids work on sagging face

This 5 best face serum ingredient of retinoids & nitric oxides, it may help you skincare of cellulite skin.

2.Mouth exercises and V-shape therapy

This is next generation workout for face, this types of workout is very easy, you do that from home, no need more invest on equipment

  • Contour the face chin muscles
  • firm and tighten the face skin
  • Neck muscles strength cute look
  • effective for slimming cheek
  • Kiss, air hold, eyes- mouth or finger over chic bone may good idea

Keep relax! this is my styles “how to make face slimmer” see best 8 ways.

Dry Brush, Scrubbing and Caffeine

Dray brushing twice a day, caffeine cream daily and scrubbing weekly may reduce the all types of cellulite, it is natural so you can use on a face, the benefits are:

  • Exfoliating rough skin from dry brush, remove old skin
  • Dry brush is detoxification
  • Caffeine Scrubbing tighten the skin and smooth
  • Active the blood vessels and skin dimple fat

My using dry brush, scrubbing & device exercises definitely work on face cellulite.

Youtube ideas for you

Cupping therapy is best for face cellulite, says” Allana Arbucci” , on youtube, sculpt cupping simple to use on face, it is real push-pull fat exercise, very romantic when you use on face muscles.

Cupping therapy

Benefit of cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is ancient ways but it has many benefits for skin exercise

  • put on your skin few minutes you feel pain, inflammation and blood follow
  • feel relax, deep tissue massage
  • many types of shape cup like glass, bamboo, silicone
  • discomfort because high pressure pulling and pushing
  • relief the muscles pain
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QNA’s on Facial Cellulite

How do you get cellulite off your face?

Eat a Collagen boosting diets, workout regularly, even add the dry-brushing, caffeine scrubbing and lymphatic drainage massage it improve the blood circulation.

How does facial cellulite look like?

I’ve a facial cellulite like pig-meat like dimple or lumpy dumpy, when you touch I feel useless, or harmless and inactive.

What food cause of facial cellulite?

I’m very use sweetness products and meat in diets but now it reduce and start the collagen available recipe, with made of Omega-3 fatty fish, chicken, citrus fruits, berries, red and yellow types of vagetebles.

What exercises for facial cellulite?

I’m regular including in workout schedule, mouth movement like: 1. Hold air 5 seconds, upper lip. jawline, V shape machine therapy, reducing a cellulite @koko yahashi, is best video mouth workout.