What is Collagen? and their benefits or high Source.

Collagen is a protein that stays at the joint of our body parts between muscles and bones. It works to tighten muscles to protect from sagging, fine lines and skin gaping, giving us a healthy young look skin. 

What is collagen made of 

We have 3 muscle layers: Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis. Collagen especially is the second layer of muscles that look yellow. It works with elastin, oxytalan, fibroblast, hyaluronic and water.

According to “dermaaroma”.com, it is fibrous in nature, which connects and supports other tissue like skin, bone, tensions, muscles, and cartilage.

How do you know if you lack collagen?

Commonly, we first feel ageing, sagging and wrinkles on our face, the elasticity of skin down, in the mirror looks dull or lifted. The finger and knee joint pain sign the lack of collagen.When collagen levels are good then we look glowing, soft, smooth and firm.

Benefit of collagen

Benefits of collagen
Colllagen contain more amino acids we make younger skin.

First of all, we feel young and youthful. Always feel hydrated or moist like my face!, seconds benefits of collagen is to repair the block of skin, together.

  • hair growth and hair fall even to get a longer hair,
  • Protect from skin sagging or lifting
  • Fine lines or block of skin (prepare)
  • For Natural glowing and no acne
  • For pregnant face (repair)
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Improve knee pain, back pain and joint pain.

How to get Collagen in skin?

High Source of Collagen
Collagen is not medicine it is food or supplement that we get from 2 methods (eating & skincare).

We eat collagen in our body from 2 methods,one nutrition second – skin care products. In nutrition also two methods, one natural food and again second supplements that from boost inner level, whereas skin eats the collagen from externally, works effectively for acne, aging or hair fall so recents years it is very popular in skincare routine.

Boost the Collagen from fast Ways

According to medicalnewstoday best 8 ways more effective that know first, then same my technique of skincare follow below:

these 7 ways to boost the collagen from skin care routine: 

1.Vitamin C foods

You always know what foods are Vitamin C, but do not follow regularly in your diets, nowadays you must do regular and some supplements with for beginner anti-aging vitamin c serum.

2.Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid foods are tofu, kale, almonds, edamame and bone broth that naturally hydrate your skin whereas supplement and hyaluronic acid face serum extra boost your collagen.

3.AloeVera Gel

Aloe Vera is a plant that makes gel effective for sunburn, soft or lightened skin. Use in a night on a face and wash in the morning.

4.Green tea powder

Green tea is natural herbal plants that extract leaves, mix powder and supplement to boost the collagen.

5.Antioxidants foods and drinks 


More retinol foods are oily fish, beef liver, lamb liver and salmon are so good, and retinoids supplements in skincare retinoids moisturizer and face serum

7.Protect skin from sun and environment use daily sunscreen.

Side effect of collagen

In a Supplement,sometimes feel allergies or bad taste so bu trusted stores and branded products they provide a good products of supplements.

QNA’s of Collagen

What Supplement is good for collagen boost?

Collagen Peptides!

Vital Proteins Collagen peptides are most effective for boost of collagen level. When in the skin peptides collagen high-level we solve all problem of skin barrier plump lips inflammation and reduce the joint knee pain. In a couple of week we feel this supplements to work on a face, neck skin and energy youthful.

it can use a everyday no more side effects so go with this peptides. Good amount of amino-acid available so great experience of stronger nails, thicker hair and elasticity of skin.

Collagen make you weight gain?

More calories eating carbs foods may grow the weight but collagen is not, it can improve the burn of fat.

What to change in a daily routine for grow collagen?

Some lifestyles changing maintain your collagen level in skin That is:

  • Drink more water
  • daily exercise
  • deep sleep
  • Stress less activities
  • Dancing and face exercises
  • love or citrus juice

Lastly, love more in a diet bone broth,eggs, fish-selfish, berries, glycine and protein made juice supplements, you look 24 hour youth! thanks!