Is a Toner necessary? Yes, Again return

Toner is again returned in the market, in a beauty sector of face very fast update and changes the products name and the qualities of their products with their beneficial description but ingredients is same, only micro change when products is not more selling then update only of names, sometimes I feel toner and face serum is same, but is completely different, toner main work balance the PH level, it means to protect from more acids, leads or harmful chemical absorb from makeup products whereas Face Serum is active the vitamins in skins, it means to eat the vitamin C your skin. So Toner very need to our skin, Very people now start the again toner, in past instead or alternative use to Serum, but we need to both.

Very power from than rose water, it makes smoothing skin lookup, even getting face without dry lookness.

How to use a Toner? what comes first in ( cleanser, toner, face serum, sunscreen, or moisturizer)

Always to use a toner after cleansing your face, lets’ started take some toner on a cotton pad with toner, then soak it on your sensitive skin face, neck, and chest. Before using a serum or moisturizer after sunscreen, take care of 2/3 minutes gaps per material apply. Alternatively, you can take a few drops in your palm, run with 2 fingers slowly, no press more while using it.

What comes first Toner Moitrizer face serum or sunscreem

Use a first face cleanser after toner- face serum- moisturizer- Sunscreen corresponding, because toner blocks unwanted lead of moisturizer or sunscreen, whereas sunscreen sit on the upper layer of the face skin which work to reflect sun-rays.

What does toner your face?

Toner extracts all dirt, grime, and impurities from the upper layer of skin, creates the right PH level together smooth your face, reduce acne and improve the glowing tone.

What happens if you use toner every day?

Toner is always before use of moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, and other makeup products because, toner is must for prevent breakout and protect your skin absorbs from chemical lead, so it wear everyday, if you feel dryness or irritation the discontinue.

Can I leave toner on my face overnight?

It can wear in night, but recommended to wear for remove dust and break from lids.

Does toner lighten skin?

Yes, but it depends on a toner product of ingredients that how many contain natural, that make our skin bright and smooth. Best toner has salicylic acid, witch hazel, hydroxy acids, and hyaluronic acid.

Which ingredients toner is good for oily skin?

Best igredients of Toner

Oily skin creates an overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands, which help to born red spots in your face, and removes but available ingredients of toner- green tea, tea tree oils, cucumber, zinc, glycolic acid, and witch Hazel more work.

For dry skin – ingredients

A toner made with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin E and C, or antioxidants and extracts of fruits oils is best for dry skin, alternatively, you can use face serum for dry.

What effect of your skin toner?

In a Short answer, glow your face, remove dark circles and block the leads absorbs.

How many types available toner in the markets?

Today, toner is available for face, hair, sensitive skin, dry, combination, oily, for all. According to working natures basically, there are 3 types is most 1. Hydrating toners, Exfoliating toners, Treatment Toners.

What kind of toner should I use?

Alcohol-free face toner but contain salicylic acids.

What is the best toner brands?

In my experiences, 1. Ordinary brands, 2. Pixi 3. Neutrogena is supper but you can choose any brand according to their ingredients.

What is best face toner products now?

My preferences toner number of reasons and point selection and summrise of top 3 products…only show you…

  1. Best overall: Thayers Witch Hazel Toner
  2. The Ordinary Glycolic acids 7% toning solution
  3. Neutrogena alcohol-free toner.

These three clinical proven of dermatology so you can be faithful and trust on this brands of products.

The Side effect of Toner?

A toner is used the purpose of exfoliating 2 times in the A.M or P.M use if you use the over more than 2 times then create dry patches, redness, acne, and irritation, very beauty trainers use more than 5-6 times it is wrongs experiences of Toner USE.

Toner alternative products some products

  1. Astringents- witch Hazel

2. Exfoliators oils

3. Emollients

4. Essential oils

What toner is best Brown/ Black skin

For African American skin, according to Vanita rattan, a toner has 3 main functions 1) Replace hydration after your cleansing 2) remove any excess dirt 3) antioxidants, a toner use first cleanse, tone, and exfoliate, it needs everyday…how to choose the best toner of you…

  • if you’ve dry skin- dehydration aging skin then chose hydrate ingredients toner,
  • if you’ve a oily skin, the you need to control sebum so love Niacinamide ingredinets toner. Doctor Vinita rattan say, the ingredients Menthol, Witch Hazel and DENATURED alcohol is best for removing oil from your skin.
  • Some time essential oils or Aloe is work good, you can replace Hayluranic acids

See more information on their youtube video

In Conclusion, Toner is necessary for a good skincare routine, that makes you glowy looks.