What Is Face Serum? Types and Benefits

In Skincare routine, many makeup product to need for skin protection and skin glowing look before makeup, while or after and normal days to everyday wear. In a daily makeup skincare routine you can wear a face serum. 

Face Serum is basically a concentration of active ingredients that are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin, it help to skin problem and skin brightness and glow. Our skin has multiple layer, serum has making more effective than other skincare products, because it making from smaller molecular and natural things.

A lot of people understands the Serum, moisturizer and face oils is same thing, but it is not, Face serum is penetrate to the skin ( make a hole in face for grow your oxyzen level of skin) that means deeply  as moisturizer cream is create the layer of skin for glowing look.

Types and ingredients of FACE SERUM

Hear a many types face serum available in the market the form of stick, bottles but ingredients are the same or not, mostly face serum make from:

1.Hyaluronic Vitamin C

Serum is water base look like a oil but in it ingreadients material mostly, Hyaluronic acid that treat replenishing moistures to dry and parched skin, and Vitamin C.

2. Retinol Vitamin A

Retinol types of serum that made from specially Vitamin A, it can help the fighting acne and reducing wrinkle and dark spots even increases cell turnover and decreasing the oil level, extra your skin blood flow cell active and production of collagen.

3.Alpha Hydroxy Acids ( AHAS)

4. Vitamin E

5. DMAE ( Dimethylaminoethanol)

6. Peptides

7. Glyserin

Some product can show on bottles labels, Glycolic, Kojic acid, ferulic acid, mushroom extract, licorice roots, or lactic acids, and other cells of vital leaf, and roots.

What brands face serum is best now?

I guide to independently to use now, TrueSkin- Hyaluronic face serum, The ordinary Serum, and MICARAA brands is best now.

Why in the Face Serum Vitamin C must include?

Above you learn the 7 or more types serum, but Vitamin C Serum exits Hyaluronic acid and natural cell or roots mineral  so it has been to create face smoothing, brightening, lightening, glowing, protecting from dirt and remove to wrinkle, acnes, face lines, lifted muscles, aging sign even you feel beautiful looks.

Every Vit C serum is good for than other vit available like E, or A,  the ordinary brands TrueSkin is old formula but it is real and best product to all skin types:

Many people search What is best vitamin C serum for Glowing, Oily and dry skin types so all in one solution in it to all skin types.

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Why to use the a serum, how to give benefits of your skin that serum you love for use, See the most 5 reasons and benefits:


Hey, when you wear a serum then tighten your skin with smoothing glance for prepare makeup start good performing while makeup do with face serum Vitamin C, no lines no lifted.


Deeply detox the skin layers open the hole for breathing skin with right oxyzen of cells so very effective for healthy skin.


Daily exposure to UV rays actually a lot of led-lid affect of your face, dead the upper skin layer because face skin in very sensitive, so some time you get the darks spots and sign of aging it can block from serums best solution.


Moisturizer is only sitting on external layers of skin, where as face serum contain all vitamins is deeply to absorb the skin, so our face look glowing.


It helps skin boots protect from dryness, keep the 24 hour wait young look, dead skin can reduce and born without pore skin, like you shooting


Above you lean the what is serum?, why to use serum? Third most important is know when touse serum?

Serum can be use twice a day, in the morning and evening hour of day (AM and PM). But I suggest the read the label of your serum bottles, some serum suggest the ones a day, twice a day or trice a day.

How to use a Face Serum?

As a thumb rule you need to use a small amount of the products, take some products shake you hands and slowly both hands 10 fingers massage to (upper to lower pulling) Gently neck or all face areas massage the 15 minutes.

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Some Difference you need to know for face Serum

What is the difference between toner and serum?

The main difference between toner and serum is that toner balance the pH level and protect from dirt, grime, lid, and impurities it use after cleanse your face where as Serum provide the extra high- concentration skin protection Vitamins. Both products are look like water-Gel and serum is better than toner right now.

What is Difference between Moisturizer, toner, face serum and sunscreen?

A lot of people understands the moisturizer or sunscreen, and face serum or toner is same things but I get the difference to each another, so what is This:

First of all cleanse your face with face wash or cleanser

After ( face serum or toner) face serum is updated version of toner, for use for skin smooth, tighten and  for prepare to wearing moisturizer  Moistruzer or sunscreen.

Then use the ( moisturizer or sunscreen), is same things, sunscreen is updated version of moisturizer, this times sunscreen have extra ingredients.

No use in once time these 4 products to your face skin, because same ingredients available match, So I recommended to use Face serum instead of Toner and Sunscreen instead of Moisturizer.

Relation between Face serum and Hyaluronic Acid

According to healthline, Hyaluronic acid is renowned for hydrate skin, it can use everyday of skincare routine, every face serum mix hyaluronic acids ingredients. It is mainly use skin related formulating product, it is suitable for all skin types.


Every woman need to know about the difference between moistrizer, sunscreen, toner and face serum then continue to use face serum, that information to clear the what amount of face serum ingredients use and clear to before and after what use. thanks to all! In last my favorite post you can follow the glowing skin secrets, that also help you.