Slim Body Types

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What is my body types and How we know I’m slim body types there are 5 main body types are you must need to be known from slimtoslim, and check the you’re fit or not?

Many types of the body you hear but Slim body of the figure is hourglass shape which is the narrow west, long limbs, and bust size is attracted. how to check your styles is slim or skinny, is you slim or skinny check from this post you do slim? In the body hip, area pears shape to rounder with bigger bone a higher waist along with larger thigh and stomach fit but a long time.

You alert Your body is which body types exits in this 3 main body types 1) Ectomorph 2). Endomorph 3)Ectomorph

Women’s body types based on a skeletal frame from body types transfer to parents’ heredity. Most of the women are unique combinations of their body types at this time.

1.Endomorph– Your body is Exits with full fat, Big body, Big weight, often pears shape big is called Endomorph. In this type, men and women having unwanted muscles gain problem faced.

How to lose endomorph loose body?

My techniques, less carbohydrates food take in a day once time only, higher- Protein food instead of at carbs, add to fupa get rid a fat exercise that amazing work.

How to get rid a fupa, that body’s exercise assist the endomorph body.

What food avoid the endomorph?

It is simple, remove the sugar candy, white bread, white milk, white rice, and carbs foods like potato and under soils foods.

coca- cola, energy drink and sport drinks that fast gives energy.

Is Endomorph is skinny fat?

Yes, bit a little fat in your body, then goes to the same endomorph but it manages so fast hard, how to get the skinny fat, you take care stylist fat, exercise.

2. Ectomorph: Your Body is having small muscle and you look thin and slim and your weight is less than according to height the your body perfect but not muscle gain in this body types.

3.Mesomorph: Muscular and Body builder man and women are exit this category of body types, healthy and strong body types for example Gym style Body is this type of the topic.

4. slim body: It means every human body is fit, thick with natural not any fat having in your stomach particular areas and hips or bust. Slim is not very thin, not very weighted people, is fitting all angles like strong people.

5. Skinny Body types: that means not very thin, but look very tight in jeans and not move easily in jeans and for the body may not affect the sugar, weight gain, fat, belly fat or plus size but Skinny shape is tally-thin women’s figures Hip, bust, curvy and waist is very thin or small and long.

How to get slim body types

Slim body types are Bust size is approximately Bust size 36, Waist stomach area is 24 and Hip area is wide 24 it means 36 24 36 average size types are called the slim body and hourglass shape. Its figure configuration attracting women to men, Girl to Boys, and female to male.

Let’s go now understands the how to get the slim body fast for every people..

  1. Daily Targeted exercise and skeletal exercise used in a balanced diet are in the Keto diet and the latest low carbs food. It helps our body grow muscle in our hips and lose fat in the Waist and stomach areas so look figure eye catchable fashion trends competition show.
  2. Every woman eats food in low quantities and workout at home fast and every time busy with simple exercises and the latest yoga exercise also doing and follow.
  3. slim body types swimsuits wearing and growing fashion in spring wear to attract in the beach.
  4. If you are also looking for in-home workout dress use then look slim body adjust.
  5. slim thick just you look in the hack from wearing the dress and maintain your walking styles.
  6. slim skinny look from the technique from you make up your face and color match also effect to the how-to look it big matter for look attract.
  7. Drinking water takes per day 6 liters and uses in Diet/ vitamin extra that’s the fast result for heavy or middle women suggestion for those who has no time and every time busy then use supplement pill nether use best and exercise.
  8. Curvy get look slim by wearing thigh leggings and a sports bra together with hard exercise in your home it’s also a method to lose fat and get a slim body fast.
  9. Every woman thoughts am I look curvy but not to do why? this is one of the most problems so this problem solves by Thinking about the matter, if you are thinking always I am slim, thin, and thick then your body behaves the same result and you get 100% result.

Know about an hourglass shape

Yes, you can change your body from exercise and dieting following every day regularly then, sure you can massive get your body perfectly goes to the size of 36 24 36, it means you’re very excited when your lifestyles work good and healthy.

So check the meaning of 36 24 36 figures, how to look, and how to made them.

You get many types of body, like average, slender, muscular, lean but hourglass is best for women in the latest styles, so our team recommended to this shape,

If you having small fat or medium fat, lose the FUPA from your upper public bones stomach areas, how to get rid a fupa? And you make the shape slim body.

If you’re very skinny, thin, tally then you able to look hourglass 36 34 36 shape because , need to hip 36, and Bust also need to 36, so you need to weight gain also, many girls and women’s very thiny body,

That problem is solved from homemade formula trick of coca-cola and Banana, eating process, much research this technique, I show you every strong man and curvy women follow this method, so how to gain, weight fast from coca-cola and banana? this post read!

Just you your body amazing changes in 36 24 36 size, but follow the 6-month regularly, upper this 5 technique.