What Body Shape do you Prefer for Women ? Which body shape is trends at This Time ? How can I get an Hourglass figures at Home ?

 What types of The Body shape you prefer to women ?

The one of each boys actually find attractive shape of body, which varies greaty from male prefer to hourglass body shape and Which range from breastless boyish looking also prefer to women. Women Judjing other women really make this tough, they’ll pick every little part and apart snap at each other. 



Men looking at women vary a bit in how much body fat and curves attract they prefer, but the women have the appropriately female-looking breast and Hip the men are happy. 

Which body shape is trends at this times ?

Every man and women’s body is natural, not man-made but men do manage of own body and shape, So you can make how to look your shape than hard work to make trends body shape for female. Hourglass body shape is the best trend in all of the USA women’s health fashion and lifestyle sectors. Show the example of trends style …

 1.Skinny Shape 

Some Boys prefer to Women Body shape is more effective prefer to skinny tall and short breast size more attract the boys. In this style of the body is tall – thin- hotexy look but it also looks attractive for man and women both.

2.Normal  Shape 

Some boys say and prefer to Healthy women and look prettier love smile on the face, all thinking positive and work within-group.

It partially depends on o cultural norms but in the United States, it’s a waist-hip ratio of 0.8 or a waist circumference that is 70 % of their circumference.

The women are thinking always about how to I am looking beauty success fashion design latest trends…

3.Hour Glass shape

The shape of the body is a TOP area big, Mid area is small and bottom area hip waist is also not fatty but this area is looking sensual.

The hourglass shape is trending at this time of the world and this type of women’s shape is celebrity style and women health’s friendly area moisturized shape it looks very tinny and anti-age. Look at the hourglass body shape structures according to height.

How Can I get an Hourglass figures at Home ?

You can get hourglass figures from home you commitment your mind to switch I make body shape is hourglass shape = top 8 + belly shape 5.5 + Bottom waist hip area 8.0 is more attract the women body shape.

Achieve the women body Tricks in Home

1. Use exercise daily with an adult waist trimmer to hit the burn fat and make your shape fast.

2. Moving exercise on chest and stomach area and Hip waist area triple exercise the work.

3. We also use shaper wear and wax lotion use for massage and clean the fat in your belly.

4.Every woman thinks my body shape good and looking-glasses types to love for male-friendly But not to achieve safely to say you continue 1 month regularly basis exercise and Hip ratio perfect for women.

5.you must do eat Keto -diet and low carbs food and use stomach oil then your shape looks to Hourglass shape in the Home.

how to calculate the body of the shape  to more information on the Body types calculator.net

Many USA women ‘s to chance to curvy is made to the Hourglass shape today. Slim and skinny types of the body perfect the normal range but this types of the women body prefer to Hotexy and beaufident body style Legging bra select and do yoga hard and her slim body in the latest time.