Paula Patton To share skill Fried Chicken Friday

Organic Chicken & powder Mixing 

Step 1:

In plastic bag put Flour powder & chicken - mix well Step No 2...

Step No 2: Vacuum

Make 3 and 4 bags, close it, still 5-6 minutes create vacuum after again shake, Next  steps Avacado oil in the pan...


1. Organic Chicken 2. Cut many many size them 2.Organic All Purpose Flour mix 3.Abocado oils, Lawris salt, more

Burn the Oils well After Put Roast pieces until red color to full steps...

HIIT The Avocado oils

Paula Patton says...

After see the redness well cooking a put out from pan...

Cooked your Roast next steps


aum! Wow  Delicious! I want to eat're


You're  Welcome

To  Eat.. 

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