Jennifer lopez and ben affleck weeding

The couple of were spotted standing in line for their licence with four couples

Engagement rings

The Ceromony was conducted in classic vegas

Fill in some text

Bennifer the nich name given to the couple by tablouds- claimed they broke up over media’s intense covrag of their engagnement.

They were was just after midnight at the little white chapel

Love is love

Fill in some text

Love is beautiful . Love is kind. And it turn out love is patient, twenty years patient

Relax Feel

Lopez , who has since changed her name to affleck, called the best night of their lives

Weeding dresses & styles

4 stepss cut and ling v leg with lower buts design

Jennifer lopez share photo on isnatgram after weeding

Makeup looks

Hair and ear

WOW romance and showing teeths

Fill in some text

Ben Accept  Jennifer for long time