These are 2 Things...non-binary peoples...

Chrishell stause Says,

"I, m confuse  with Non-binary...current situation"

Voice and behaviour and bathrooms actions... different

Our Relashionship

she say,

I'm Heart and shout with relathiship G-flip for long time... and my future...

Feeling it's ok! but phisically not...step 1

Again, She Say...

Some people don't identify with any gender. Some people's gender changes over time, it looks like G-flip.

G-Flip is mix- Non binary

Phsically check is last steps that's are wrong... ways

Open My Eyes, I look One Way, it's confusing for gender... indentify

Open to learning gender is how someone identifies before engaged...

Chrishell stause

My Futures...after relathiships

How To identify non-binary peoples

Voice an change male to female, it's not one reasons that true for all... bathroom actions is difference...


 Response and react on social media

Using Word he, she, they and them on comments... others clothing, styles, hair and energy emotions..& more

Second indentify

Excuse me with all Fans

My missing future and last relathionship is also same...i'm confuse but...I'm think...

Missing identify

I am attracted to masculine energy and I don't really care what the physical form is." G-flip is mix.

Featuring Chrishell stause

I'm Relax, Now We're Strart business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs ... that my choices  after non-binary relathionship.

Check  Instagram... for details videos

I'm not confusing , I thinks to grew of my bisness and enterpreship, she says..