How To Weight Gain Fast Skinny girl with Banana and coca-cola Used Trick.

Weight gain Trick For Skinny Girl

Hello, everyone! you our come back to this text speak today, I’m gonna show you how to use coca-cola, this is 35 CL friend. I will use this to show you how to gain weight for a skinny girl, skinny lady, skinny women and also for skinny boys and skinny men, this is for everybody so if you want a gain weight also in the right places, I’m going to show you how to achieve it. Just keep watching my tricks from beginning to the for you to see this effective remedy okay.

Weight gain for skinny

So let’s go and prepare this, I’m gonna use this with other kitchen ingredients, just keep reading to see this effective remedy okay,

Note: If you haven’t time to make this, then you follow banana-made Keto diet, natural tricks.

the first thing I need is, I need 3 bananas for this, 3 bananas okay so I’m gonna keep this one aside and then bring this one close so what I need is to peel this, then I peel the banana make sure your hand is clean, you just drop this into the blender. You can see this is 35cl next thing I’m gonna add in 1/2 cup of milk this is  another effective way you can gain weight super fast how do you gain weight in the right places, so I’m going to cover this and blend you see so this is it, see how this look like, this is so beautiful  and I grab a clean cup and put this into the cup so friend this is all you need to do,

You just have to stir this take a cup of this every day, if you want to gain weight super fast this tastes so good, very good, you have to keep watching because I’m gonna drink this to show you that this is so good and will help you to gain weight super fast if you want to gain it in the right places and I’m gonna show you how to use this also gain weight in the right places,

Keep thinking you have to drink this for at least every day for five days this is very very good put this in the fridge and every day you take a cup of the drink, one cup of this every day for you to gain weight take two cups every day for three days or one cup every day for five days this is so good I like it, this will also have to nourish your body and give you stamina,

So after I finish taking a cup of this just eat healthy food and this will help you to gain weight drink one cup for five days and you see what will happen within one week to two weeks for those who want to gain weight in the right places so get a waist trainer or tie towel around your stomach wear the waist trainer five minutes after you finished drinking. just tie it around  your waist okay then make sure you wear this and then you need to do a little exercise this you help to flatten your stomach and to increase the backside you have to do this after five minutes of taking this drink do it 20 times or until you are tired and after 20 you stop, you have to do it every day for you to gain weight so that is it, this is very easy and very simple, you need to try this if you want to gain weight in the right place, it’s not only to gain weight if you want to get healthy weight make sure after five minutes you put your waist trainer and do this little exercise,

Weight for skinny girl
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Very simple exercise and this will help to increase yeah and also flatten your stomach, you understand, go try this, this is my secret you can try it and you will  gain weight in the right places I’m going to see you again in my next This Text Speak bye bye

If you’re a skinny girl, then you need to grow weight with a slim body that helps look stunning with have weight gain that works for both fatty and skinny body Fits and everyday use must 2 bananas important in the morning.

Weight gain is not important for women but your shape is most needed to how to look, and your friends how to choose your behavior with body shape.

Extra tips, How to weight Gain Fast with bananas & coca-cola?

If you want to gain weight fast, it’s very important what to do right way in daily life eating. Eating foods big matter for body shape and size grow, for women’s and men’s both peoples are having skinny very thin body and very fat weighty body, that all reasons of lifestyles of taking foods or fruits.

Coke contains carbonated  water, sugar, caffeine, and phosphoric acids, caramel, and natural flavorings that help fat storage your body gain fat muscle whereas Banana contains 9% Potassiums, 33% VitaminB6, 11% vitamin C, 8% Magnesium, 24% carbs, fiver 3.1 grams that hardly help weight gain Fast

If you are a very thin body, improve your weight and curvy styles hourglass shape with banana, milk, bread gravy diet to meals night, that tricks amazing work for my husband so you also recommended it.

The Alternative coca-cola and banana.

Weight Gain skinny Foods and Fruits
  1. Take more calories than your body adjusts, calories help make muscles. You don’t need to count the calories but after 3 months get to feel how many calories you’re eating and your weight so growth continues.
  • Eats carbs and daily 3 times do eat: fat loss or weight loss system working though the remove carbs for losing weight, so you do the same opposite process you take carbs food.
  • Energy foods with protein foods take together banana -Coca-Cola:
    • Banana– it makes over-weight fast so very recommended.
    • Nuts: almonds, macadamia, and peanuts
    • Grains: brown rice use
    • Meat: In a week you use meat, chicken, beef, pork lamb with coca-cola celebrate.
    • Potato: potato makes product also helps your gain weight.
    • Depth sleep must need because of all Vitamin best performance in your body.

Upper recommend weight gain foods take everyday eating directory plan is the best way for gain muscle.

Extra Tips for how to weight gain for females with banana and Coffee

Weight gain from eating Coffee and banana
  • Don’t drink water before a meal, this reduces the eating foods.
  • Eat more snacks with banana
  • Eat milk, mango, and wheat bread with banana.
  • Add your 2-3 bananas with coffee
  • Take banana in vegetable eating, in week one’s times that sure your muscle strength and young look with naturally.
  • When you’re eating coca-cola at the time don’t use smoke, that works lose the carbs so remove it.
  • All process does in one method you’re able to gain an attractive body with attractive when using this product.

Add Supplement to increase mass fast.

An Alternative, the fast growth weight best technique Approved by USA FDA supplements that principle the supplement is working for all people, for example, the thin body goes to strong weight gain and the weight fat body goes to a slim body this means natural supplement banana helps your body stay healthy live leaves. That helps grow a mass of the body and reduce unwanted fat looks a strong body for Man.

Which supplement more work for the Fit body, get more light-weight attractive shape with sensual, skinny body guys love, that helps only one product carboFix, the perfect body needs carbs only absorb and bust your energy levels.

The Banana works for both weight gain and weight loss, but it's not true for weight loss, it only works for weight gain.

Does every skinny girl consider why to choose your Weight Gain?

Reasons, you look thin, your friends unlike or dislike your body, but skinny fit body convert to only slim body fits, so eating a banana and other carbs food use body needs only, neither your body goes to plus size then create big problem health hazards so carefully take carbs.

Your body, which types how to know am I body is skinny or slim See here slim vs skinny body.

A skinny girl, the body is a thin body that looks tally, thin, or not attractive for guys’ eyes love, in a positive sense skinny girl is the shape of a slim body is perfect that look attractive and not thin, this means a fit body, fit hips, fits boobs, fit, bust areas, and fit thigh or waist. all area of the body’s face is attractive for sensual is called a slim body.

Every girl wants to stay every day with slim shape only, not recommend skinny, thin, plus size, or over a weighty girl. Whereas slimtoslim body means an Hourglass shape or curvy shape. So use bananas and coca-cola daily when you get a slim body then stop eating bananas and carbs foods or supplements.

How to weight gain fast From banana and coca-cola, see practical video for a skinny girl, how to mix, and how to make gravy…

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Asked Questions

  1. Can we eat Banana and Coke together?

Yes! Take a coke bottle in one hand and 3 or 4 bananas in another hand, and eat one by one, but do not mix them in as coffee, I take any time in a day, feel best for weight gain diets.

2. Do Bananas help for weight loss?

Especially, it has fiber good for both weightloss and weight gain, and is slowly digestive food, in the morning diet is a super idea.