How To save Life Lower Money Income In My Expenses Life

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In lower-income save the life manage so hard job, but income is short then how to save per day or monthly income?

Get many ideas for your life leaves in minimum earning source, if you keep reading my full post and implement in your daily life,

You will know exactly my technique follow how to save $600 a month, every month–that is $7,200 a year while you protect per hour mathematically $3 or 4$.

You don’t know me, but I am working in low wages jobs, in NewYork town, here expenses in daily schedule manage so hard to save money,


How i Saved Money
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Hello I, am ramkumari

I work in an office but not perfect all because my boss didn’t want to pay me more but I  and I knew I wasn’t qualified for other jobs out there because physically also unable.

To up to just $10 an hour, which I thought was like… I was so grateful for $10 an hour because at one point I was making $4 an hour.

Alright, but even then every month regardless of how much I made, I set aside $600 a month, and in two years, I had $ 14400 saved up it is a big amount for me.

I was living in New YorkCity and one alternative method you also moved to parent places and remove this job, but this one very bad technique.

I have a big problem with good life leaves, so I many research and many thinking in alone for success in my life how to save money.

So I decided to online working from home.

So I’m going to show you exactly how I did it, exactly what my lifestyle looked like so that you can replicate my process and do the same thing for yourself.

Now before I get started, I want you to think about what your life would be like if you had $10,000 in your bank account two years from now.

Imagine what that would be like. How would you feel? And I can guarantee that you will feel a sense of peace, a sense of security, and a sense of freedom. Freedom from things that were holding you back before.

Freedom from everything that you felt limited you. Freedom from the stress that came with working a low-wage job and not be not knowing for sure whether you could afford to pay the bills.

Freedom to know that even if you work a shitty job that doesn’t pay very well, with a mean boss that’s counting every second of your bathroom break, that doesn’t give you any benefits, no sick pay, no holiday, and no flexible time for you to even come in a bit late one day so that you could go to the doctor and check on your health.

Freedom to know that you don’t have to work a job like that, that you have options in life. Okay? That’s what I want you to know.

Two years from now! $10,000! Freedom fund! So let’s get started. First things first, housing.

Housing is the most expensive thing you will pay for every month and chances are if you are low-income, you are a renter.

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If you are still young enough, if you still live in the same city as your parents, and if your parents are okay with it, move back in with your parents.

There’s absolutely no shame in living with your parents. Apparently, 30% of adults under 30 years old are still living with their parents. So this is considered normal. No shame whatsoever.

But I don’t want you to move back in just so that you could have more spending money for yourself. What you should be doing is paying your parents a reasonable amount of money in rent.

It depends on where you live and the cost of living in that area.

Okay? But $100 $200, whatever… Make your parents feel like they’re at least getting some money for the fact that you are living under their roof again.

Therefore, you’re using up some utilities. You’re using up some of their food if they’re cooking for you.

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Things like that… pay them a bit of money. But in the meantime, while living with your parents, save up the money.

Save up your money so that you can move out and become a financially free adult and so that you don’t have to rely on your parents anymore.

Don’t just use the extra money that you have to spend on whatever.

Set all that money aside. Set like 50% of your income aside. This is actually what I did in my first full-time job.

I was being paid a salary of $120 a week in cash. And if you did the math, I made $3 an hour.

I gave nine massages a week and I got to keep the tip, but I think in a whole month, I brought in $1,000 and I was working full-time.

I brought in $1,000 a month because my boss underpaid me, thinking that I couldn’t get a job anywhere else, so I just stuck with it. But $1,000.

So what I did was, I was living with my parents but I saved $500 every month into a savings account, into my freedom fund, and then the other $500, I think I spent less than $100 of it toward my public transportation and spent some money on food.

I would pay for my own lunch ingredients and I paid for my own phone bill and then the rest of that was spending money for myself.

Make sure if you’re living with your parents to have a game plan to move out. Have a game plan. Have a target date and work toward it.

Consider and Guide for Save Money

Now if you don’t have that luxury of living with your parents and you are a low-wage earner, you can still do it.

You can live in an apartment with roommates. You can rent out a single room. And if possible, you can even have a roommate in your room so that you can split the rent for that room in half.

It depends on where you live though, because I think in New York City, the landlords are a bit more strict. In Boston, the landlords are bit more strict. But in other parts of the country, like in Florida or in Texas, people are more lenient.

So long as you pay the rent on time, it’s okay.

So if you’re young enough to still do this, have a roommate in your room–not just the rest of the apartment, but in your room. Another thing to consider is to rent the cheapest room possible.

Yeah, I know, like… what? But you can’t afford it. Okay, you’re a low wage earner. You can’t afford to have a fancy apartment.

You can’t afford to have a gigantic room. Chances are the cheapest room is going to be the smallest room, but that’s okay because that will also encourage you to buy less stuff.

If you have a small room, you don’t have that much room to put your stuff, right? Chances are you’re not going to spend money on stuff anymore.

In regards to housing, I want you to let go.

Let go and release the idea that you deserve to have more, that you deserve to have more privacy from people and you deserve to have your own space. Probably because you’re thinking, well, I’m 25 already.

By now, I should have my own my own place. Or I’m 40, I shouldn’t be having roommate sany more. Let go of the idea.

Or even, I’m married… I shouldn’t be having roommates anymore. You could be married and could still have a roommate. It’s completely okay.

In fact, next year, my significant other and I… we’re gonna buy a condo and I plan to buy maybe a 2 bedroom and I plan to rent out the other bedroom so I could get help paying my mortgage.
There is no shame regardless of your circumstance in having a roommate. I think one time, I was at the subway station waiting for the train to come, and I was overhearing this conversation between two teachers and they’re both Millennials.

I pay like 50% of my income in rent.” And then the other one said, “Oh my God, I just moved in with my boyfriend and I just got into a ton of credit card debt because I wasn’t ready for the amount of money that was about to spend.” Listen.

Your housing, ideally, your housing expense should be less than 25% of your gross income.

And if you have to go up a bit, maximum 30%. 50% and you’re pushing it.

I went up to that teacher and ask him, Why are you spending 50% of your income in rent?” And he said, “Well, I really want my own place. I don’t want to have roommates.


The human psychology is very interesting because regardless of the situation you’re in, it can help you by adapting to a certain form of lifestyle.

And you know, after a few weeks you get used to it and actually ends up being very comfortable and you learn to be grateful and content with everything that you have.

This is why when people progressively earn more money throughout their career, they tend to buy more stuff and they adapt.

Their brain adapt to this new lifestyle and all of a sudden eating out for lunch every day becomes a norm. It’s because your brain adapts to what ever situation and environment you’re put in. So there you go.

That is how I saved $500 a month every month on a low income. If you want to learn more ways to save money,I am a published author and I did write this book, 1001 Ways To Save Money: Quit Flushing Your Hard-Earned Money Down The Toilet.

Make the focus on grow up earning sorce, not only force on the saving money, your daily routing is also important, for skincare, fashion, and lifestyles. so you need to ideas of how to grow income in my life learn…

Leave me a comment about how you plan to save money today. What is one thing that you can cut back on this month? And please be sure to share this with your friends if you know that they’re working at a very low wage job.

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