How to lose Hip belly fat without exercise get slim & skinny life relax Guide by Slim To Slim

7 Tips Lose belly Fats (No Need Diet and Exercise)

If you are Exercise daily Basis then good news but you are not Capable to do exercise then read completely post because this content is most valuable to You…

Natural 7 Tips are Instantly worked For lose hip Belly Fat 
Below mention these seven tips, I show you natural and bad habit changes to in good activities in daily life, that tricks may help lose every belly fat instantly…
Follow these Tips and relax at a home
lose hip belly fat
That image is suffering from belly fat, it is also called FUPA, but she starts the exercise on a home regular basis, in yoga formal dresses with sports bra and best legging, if you not get any result in 3 months, then follow this technique of RID-FUPA…
That FUPA, how to get rid of a fupa fast way of natural diet and pattern of exercise in the home.

 How To Lose Belly  Fat Naturally

lose hip belly fat
Up to images, Indian star actor and actress, but trends his/ her styles in the USA, whatever good fit look in this photo, without having belly fat, having hip is an hourglass shape.
Example only show you, the same shape of the body we’re how to get without exercise shown the main purpose of this post…

Lets Go Start To Belly fat hits Reduce the Rid Handle

Naturally Steps 1 to 7 tips

Steps No 1: Green Tea

If you include tea time tea Green tea diets of your mind power growth naturally and ayurvedic tea
is naturally work in life and reduce stress together lose belly fat fast to work…
Not use sugar and any chemical product, work negatively body organs and not good work for lose hip belly fat. 
So use Naturally Vitamin c kagati and Nimbu use to in Tea in the Morning
lose hip belly fat
Every day take 1 cup in the morning it’s an amazing act in your belly areas, even work to growth body natural immune system for stomach belly hips reduce to organ active to help more information
But it, buy from only official websites of green tea, this real packaging with best ingredients.

Step No 2: Avoid sugar drink

Daily life many products eat any time to with friends and Home office but not consider to in this product what chemical is used,

Sugar Drinking is a bad habit for skinny and slimmer because this product is harmful to bodyweight loss and reduces the loss of belly fat hips so avoid the banana and sugar drink and relax slim to slim fashion skinny world.

Sugar drink may be very fast-growing your weight, and belly fat in unexpected growth in minimum time, if you’re skinny then continue that, otherwise it isn’t recommended.

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Step No 3: Brushing Teeth 

Important for Breath is fresh for relaxing the body to work well every organ, it get from brushing daily basis teeth. So do start twice a day, per meal. brushing teeth for Stomach clear all fat belly and breath air to a fresh feel.
lose hip belly fat
 Brushing Teeth may help
1. good speaking and fresh air-breathing
2. beauty face look helping things,
3. Fresh Teeth, may help improve imprison and grow relationships with husbands and friends
4. Teeth wash is stomach wash, it is a real thing, all gas and obesity control from it.
If your mouth is neatly then inner organs are also good at neatly work and the mind fresh to any daily life working power together friend group.

Kitchen owner consider to what to cooking

Women’s kitchen owner, consider to Use 100 % Oil-free  balance vitamin  food, not any Carbohidrade  product are reduce in Meal Eating and not use for baby biscuits, cheeps, plastic made product, and  any harmful food are not used 
lose hip belly fat
Balance diets are helping to all organ active and  grow the mind and reduce the weight for losing hip fat instantly to work, All vitamin is required the body and mind get then good work for study and slim skinny body are achieve to slim slim fashion in the world

Drinking-Water Style

Our  body 80 % are covering an area of the human body so we consider to drinking, for how to drink water and Water style and water liters 

lose hip belly fat
Minimum 5 liters water per day drinking and working hard to schedule work and work is so also fast because water is all organ in work right place inner body.
If You are drunk 2-liter water then exercise Jumping then in 7 days Instantly to reduce belly hip fat and work fastly to lose Rid fat to a love Handle weight loss 100 % work.
Extra tip for Drinking water styles
1.Drinking water only in glass, no recommended to bottles that may grow obesity and gases on your stomach.
2. once time very takes water, time to time drinking best ideas for saving from belly fat.

Steps 6: Eating Time also Matter the Naturally


lose hip belly fat

Really Completly to work for reducing for the weight choose for eating habits and time habit 100 % Matter. 

So you are Five  Habit are follows

Habit no 1: Avoid overeating in one Time

Habit No 2: To see & check to eat food are help body yes or no? Gaping Time for eating 4-hour maximum and minimum to two hour

Habit No 3: drinking water per 30 minutes 

Habit No 4: Not work long tome office eating time night is maximum 9.:00 pm and after eating than walking 1/2 hour and sleeping.
Habit No 5: Sleeping in the Bed then you sleep relaxed  And use Facebook Instagram, in sleeping night timely. Thank You.

Step 7: sleeping Style 

Not Sleeping In day time and eating together sleeping then harm for skinny and slim mind people and your waist-hip belly fat is not reduced so working move day  life 
the sleeping style also matters for body growth and sleep style follow in this image, In this image relax completely too deeply to sleep so minimum 7 Hour sleep time in one day.

lose hip belly fat
Our Mind and our behavior is partial to yoga practice and daily exercise in the morning and evening in 2-hour whole-body exercise are active yoga practice starts to follow this teacher example 
Conclusion all the best of all reader friends and hip yoga practice is needed to do also yoga is active the mind and breath exercise and skin stretch then blood circulation highly rapidly run in the body then our hip fat reduces to all women and men.