Difference between Thin, Slim, and Skinny .The Meaning Sense Of slim to slim.

Difference between Thin vs Slim vs Skinny                                                        

First Of all, We are understand Through  Adjective word definition,
Thin       =        Natural beautiful person who has no fat. thin word is opposite of Fat.
Slim       =        Slim means gracefully support of thin, attractive look and tall thin girl.
Skinny   =        Skinny is tall and thin but skinny word is a negative sense of social                                     understand, unattractive of thin
Slim to slim =  Midpoint of slim and skinny is called slim to slim.
slim to slim

First SenseThin vs slim vs skinny

Main difference if thin vs slim vs skinny and slim to slim these words are mainly used to Human body describe of attributes and properties of the behavior of a person how to look.
The human body or girl body shape and skinny boy body shape or size help the define talking about of size and attributes of personal behavior.

Second Sense Thin vs slim vs skinny

We are often talking about fat & nonfat person to use thin, skinny, slim, and slim to slim. Slim to slim is also used for women behavior or love to say describe a word. how to look very Beauty and sensual look…
Thin is natural normal, 

Slim is a positively sensual look beautiful, tall, and attractive person.. wow  look

Skinny is also tall and very sensual look but It is a negative sense for women but In Boys person skinny word is positively fit.

Third Sense – Thin vs slim vs Skinny

Understand through Example of sentence word sense
Skinny is a more sensual look and used for boys mainly. for example skinny jeans and others…..
 He is skinny boys and
Skinny boys bodybuilders.
Tallboys skinny person look. His behavior looks skinny…
skinny girl very sexy look…
The skinny girl is very thin…..
skinny girl is mad for the love of boyfriends…
The skinny girl is behaving is very uncomfortable…
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slim is sensual and more gentle, simple,

Slim : Thin is Used to normal good look girl or ladies, for example, she is a thin girl.not Weighty.
Slim Girl is very style full girl.
She is slim looks very fashionable women.
She is a very sensual look and slim look fashionable woman.
Slim women very style full look and latest trendy and look start adult age skin, skin looks skinny.
slim girl is ………….
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Slim to slim is Mid-point of slim and skinny.

Slim to slim is Mid-point of slim and skinny shape,
It thin sensual, look fashionable
It new fashion attends, trendy girl,
It positive thinking person, positively ocean and work on sial factors
It  slim to slim is also 24 hour 365 days fit,
It looks thin & black beautiful.

slim to slim is to understand from Arithmetically calculation from percentage

Slim to slim dresses = 100 % fitted dress look slim skinny
Slim to slim girl = 100 % fit for all fit and start poverty age look skinny look.
Slim to slim fit = 100 % fit Mind & fit body health, society look positively behavior and gentle person and gentle beauty look women, long face and long body structure look.
slim to slim Behaviour  = slim to slim women is behavior, personality, friendly to a friend, looking beautiful and size and shape body structure are healthy and sound full.
Slim to slim is a long breathing word to use Alternative to skinny or slim or thin to Use to all category
  • wow look
  • right to right look
  • 100 % perfect look
  • completely fine beauty
  • slimskinny
  • mid point of slim & skinny
  • 100 % fit clear right to left  Waist
 Quality of slim to slim
100 % leg to Head fit skin look and not to skin fat.
100 % Right to the left waist and not any fat.
100 %  fit right from any things and use for the body.
100 % all wearing fit and Matching dress unique and latest design.
100 % tall and skinny and slim tripoli describe.
conclusion ;
All words thin, slim, skinny, and slim to slim are used to describe the body look and quality of body behavior and we are slim to slim look is the best unique word. To Use all in One.
 Thank you
Binay dihbaba