8 Most attraction to women’s physical features help to life style love react & attract

1.What physical features make a woman attractive?

2.What are the most attractive female features?

3.What physical features are most attractive?

4.Which female body shape is most attractive?

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All Question are solved in this ……below

The 8 Physical Features Men Can’t Resist, According to Science and specialist.

1.       Body Figure

2.       Lips and lips color

3.       Smile

4.       Face look natural look.

5.       Eyes

6.       Eyebrow

7.       Posture Or Waist to hip Ratio

8.       Woman‘s  Voice and  Talk speak tone style

No.1 Body figure

Woman’s attraction physical features of first Is Body Figure Bid matter to the law of attraction love for woman’s attract a man.

What Female Body Shape do Men Find Most Attractive?

The woman’s body shape looks slim to slim and skinny slim style or thin healthy smiling person.

How to my body shape is an attraction for other sensual eye catchable eyes?

How to attraction to Husband to me?

 How to attract an opposite-sex friend to me?

Important of woman’s body attraction to structure Is

1.Woman’s attraction of body structure is very slim to slim.

2.Attractive women’s body is belly shape is the right shape and look skinny shape thin.

3.Women Body Is Tall, slim, slimtoslim, skinny, thin, happy, glad,not stress, not fatigue, smiling face , hip ratio match, mind and body sound,

4. Body waist-hip ratio is the sensual look and WHO ratio follows.

5. Woman’s Body is skin is silky and normal look is very sexy look not for a gym body.

6. Women attracted to men, GYM BODY does not attractive for women But women’s Body structure is slim to slim, and normal silky skin is sexy look woman attracts the Man. Man body strong so, he attracts normal silky slim smiling women body.

7.Normal Skin and the skinny slim body more attract for positively sensual for sex and porm body is attracted for man.

8.Poverty age body is the very attractive look and so normal yoga and use diet plan and stay healthy for the more sensual look and sexy look, women’s attract the man.


 9. Part of woman’s Body  is very high attract to man eye look sensual, For example, a.Waist b. Breast c.Eyes d.Lips  e.short clothes   f. smile speak tone    g   .half breast look style clothes wear

 10. Medium  Sensual woman attract the man, help to Your  a.Hair style, b.Head skin brightness, c.face skin, and structure,d.clothes fashion e. clothes wearing style. f. make up style, g.walking style, i. clothes fitting size more matter to attract the man.

11. More Information Video.

No.2.   Lips & lips Color

Lips Is Most attraction to woman’s physical  features of our body

Lips color is a Show pic it helps the decoration of the face look beautiful.

  •  Mostly use Red  color
  • Red down and red upper color used more attractive   
  • Brown color also the favorable color for women @look attractive.
  •  Lips are helping eye catchable face look from far when wearing makeup full.
  • Lipstick color help to attract a man for sensuality.
  • Lipstick color match dress then great fashion look.
  • Lipstick mostly uses a mac and Medline other branded companies.
  • It is a color that match your skin and dress for the party
  • In its lid so select the brandable lips shade.


 No.3. Smile 

Smile is removed all stress and stays healthy person to help.

Smile is very important to look prettier and women attractive to men.

Many see smiling simply as an involuntary response to things that bring you enjoy or laughter but While this observation is certainly true, what most people overlook is that smiling can be a help to look women’s attraction to men and your body boost.

                    How to work Smile to women’s attract to man

1.    SmilingMakes Us Attractive

2.    Smiling Relieves Stress

3.    SmilingElevates Our Mood

4.    SmilingIs Contagious

5.    SmilingBoosts Your Immune System and look prettier

6.    SmilingLowers Your Blood Pressure & right fit.

7.    SmilingMakes You Look Younger & look attractive on your face.

8.    SmilingMakes You Seem Successful and grow relationship help to the husband.

9.    Smiling Helps You Stay Positive



 No.4  : Face Natural Look :

A woman attractive physically in one of the most point is Face naturally look attractive and prettier. A woman is beautiful of all of the all-natural things, women are god gift in Earth and women are all. The mother of earth is women fertilizer all thing of earth and Handle all things for love .

The face of Women is smiling then the man heart is smiling and connect with It.

Women Face natural smiling look great.

  How to Maintain your Face Natural Look attractive.

1. Sleep deeply to help refresh Wake –up and Shower regularly so you’re smelling fresh and clean.

2. Brush your teeth twice a day.

3. Use a teeth whitener to
brighten your smile

4. Brush your hair to get rid of any tangles

5. Trim your nails to keep them clean to an attractive look.

6. Shave regularly to remove hair, if desired

7. Wash your face each day for clear skin

8. Pick out clothes according to your body size and shape.

9. Choose clothes that make you feel confident

10. Dress appropriately for the occasion

11. Put gel in your hair to create a distinct style

12. Create waves or curls in your hair for a bouncy look

13. Straighten your hair for a sleek hairdo

14. add accessories to your hair to emphasize your personal style

To Add Artificial Make Up Help to the attraction of women

15. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone

16. Cover up any blemishes using concealer for a natural look

17. Add mascara or eyeliner to make your eyes pop

18. Pick out lip gloss or lipstick to add color and shine to your lips

19. Put on bronzer or blush to give your face a little color

20. Fill in your eyebrows to make them look fuller or darker

Not more attractive look make-up time But If you are natural your face is smilimng then men is attract to your face lips style .


No. 5 : Eyes: How to become more attractive eyes.

Eye Attraction for women Point is to attract men

  1. Stomach Or belly fat look.

  2. Breasts size and style clothes

3.Hairstyle and body style

  1. clothing style and shortness of clothes.
  2. Lips and Waist Hip style look fast eyes.

These 5 points are fast look eyes for women for men so this point of body is most important to look attractive.

The women’s eyes very still and sensual look when eye exercise to help the this teach channels.

The eyes are the most part of the body look attractive for eye contact.

Eyes are moving at the time talk speak style.

Eyes decoration and make up natural and simple look is more attract the man.

Eyes are also language for love to reflect silently.

Direct eye contact with one another person then grow your more relationship and look more attractive.



No. 6 : Eye Brow 

Female eyebrow in different shapes and different forms of your eyebrow vector eyebrow realistic.

Eye Brow is most for look attractive on your Eyes and face.

An eyebrow is helped the attractive look for your Head and Hairstyle also eye contact looks more attractive.

Eyebrow to use to select your face color and face structure.

Branded makeup eyeshadow only used to the right experiences. I recommended Chanel brands used.



No. 7 : Posture or Waist to Hip Ratio

How Many your Hip waist ratio According to WHO


p style=”background: white; line-height: normal;”>Even if your Body Size is within a normal range, your risk for the disease may be increased. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy WHR is: 0.9 or less in men. 0.85 or less for women. This most important data.

Waist-to-hip ratio chart.

Health risk




0.80 or lower

0.95 or lower





0.86 or higher

1.0 or higher



Any time you exit the Low risk this waist to Hip ratio is attractive to look your body and sexy look your waist .

2.   Daily to workout the Yoga exercise in your home and breathing exercise then women health is right fit.

3.  If your Waist is looked more sensual then wear waist rise pants and tiet fit pants and look more attractive .

No. 8 : Women Voice and speak tone Style

Over 35 years ago, social psychologists Science discovered that the physical attraction of a woman could be judged accurately by way of a telephone conversation when no visual or internet contact and show program cues were available. At this time, this was a matter of great curiosity and research, and a number of theories were proposed to explain and show it. For example, one of the more popular ideas from 8 most that was attractive women simply had more life experience of people paying attention to them and interacting with them socially &  psychologically, giving them more opportunities to hone social skills that might translate into attractiveness during a phone call and talk.

Voice tone style or speak style most important for the attraction of your behavior to show of lifestyle and image of body behavior.

Positively and unique word to use for reply any question and talk than to show the most attractiveness.

If you are speaking tone match to body style also to use for example,

1.Hand move to reflect word teach and talk

2. When You talk at this time your all body part moves to match your speak tone.

2.eyes contact speak,

3.smile on your face when you talk,

4.unique word to use your tone

5. Maximum use vowel sound-letter to growing more attractive for example eh!, ow!, Hey, wow, oh oh, uhuh,…………. More.