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Hello, guys welcome back to my technique of Habits of successful people and healthy slim people. Summer is complete it’s done.

I’m rolling out is called love your life series I’m so excited about it. It’s going to be similar content to self-care summer.

Health habit for Diet is most important for healthy life leaves.

It’s just a little bit different I’m going to be covering some more self-love some more self-care, but we’re just going to take it to the next level.

I’m gonna be showing about things like decluttering Minimalism habits and successful people which is what today’s post is going to be about today’s post is going to be called 7-morning habits of successful people.

I’m going to be telling you guys some of the things that most successful people and creative people do in the mornings all human beings are creative and all human beings have the opportunity to be successful.

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Success is measured so Differently for all sorts of different people for this post success means to live the best fullest most driven Motivated life that you possibly can.

This is our kickoff post. So it’s the intro to the love your life series So I would love for you guys just like you did for self-care summer to comment below and let me know exactly What you guys want to see because these posts are going to be shot weekly at the moment I can switch things up and come up with ideas as I go So I’d love this to be just like self-care summer.

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Slim & skinny Habits

Daily Habit and Rule and Regulation
1. My first tip for you is to wake up earlier, I personally wake up around 5:30 in the morning lately sometimes six, and if I’m tired I will do seven but my aim and my focus is to wake up at 5:30 Every single day I’ve been a morning person for probably the past five years, but I was never a morning person growing up I never wanted to get up for school I never wanted to get up for work, but I would make myself get up earlier when I was in banking I would make myself get up earlier because I knew that I wanted to have a bath in the morning before I went to work.
Second to Third Habits
Because it was my moment of Zen before I went into this Industry where like I had to deal with people all day and money and numbers that I didn’t really like But I knew that I wanted to have a moment of Zen in the morning So I wake up extra early for that and now I wake up extra early so that I can get Emails done in the morning, but also have a moment to myself It’s really important for me to have time to prioritize and plan out my day and have time to like write things down and think creatively and have Just some unplugged time and all of those things that I’m going to talk about that I do after 5:30 before I start working are the things that I’m going to be talking about in this post as well So we’ll get into all of those yet But waking up early finding out ways to get yourself to wake up earlier.

I’m going to be doing work specifically about how to wake up every day at 5:45 in the morning so if that’s something that you guys want to see Please let me know in the comments and give this post a thumbs up that way that I know that that’s something that you guys want to see because I’ve already kind of written that out and started creating that so I hope That’s something that you do want to see my tip number two is to have a creative unplug hour.

that’s exactly why I Made waking up at 5:45 in the morning or just waking up early in general like number one tip Because that allows time for you to accomplish things like this a creative unplug hour is where you don’t have your phone with you You’re not really doing anything work-related You’re not scrolling through Instagram and you are opening something or even typing on your computer Some creative ideas or you’re reading a book you’re reading poetry .

Out of Home Habits (fourth to five habits)
You’re walking outside, whatever it is that inspires you to be more creative Do that I know that not everybody has a creative career and not everybody gets to be creative as their job I haven’t always had a job where I get to create but Creativity is such a broad spectrum There are so many things that human beings do on a daily basis that requires Creation and creativity if you’re starting a business.

You are starting something out of nothing and that is being created it doesn’t always mean being a painter or being a writer or Like whatever it might be whatever creative job is that you think about immediately it doesn’t always mean that creation is So wide and there are so many things that people do on a daily basis when we cook We’re creating so allowing us to use the right side of our brain in the morning really helps get the creative juices flowing and if you’re somebody who wants to be more creative.

Which I don’t know who doesn’t then have this creative unplug out to help inspire you is Crucial and will really help you be a more creative Successful person tip number three is to plan and strategize for your day plan and strategize sounds so intense but it really is just Creating your to-do list or looking at your calendar making sure that you’re knocking off what you need to get done and to just prioritize Things so I like to do the hardest thing first thing in the day so whether that be a workout whether that be Tackling a task for work that I know I need to get done right away.

Like filming, posts is something that I try to put as a priority First thing in the day or coming up with ideas or doing emails whatever the most important task is I try to get that done first so that everything else throughout the day is a little bit easier planning and strategizing is the best way to Get the things down that knee get done and to stay organized to get that done.

You can keep its to-do list in your head But I know for me that doesn’t necessarily work because I don’t have the best memory in the world.

So I will go on to the next day and think oh my gosh I didn’t get that done and the important part is to actually do the to-do list because there are so many things that we can put on the to-do list and We can just way on to the next day.

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But I think the best thing to do is to be realistic about your to-do list Knowing what you really can get done that day And it feels so good to checkmark off that to-do list and it just makes you feel all around Like a more successful person and like your day was a success Tip number four is to burn calories and burn calories not meaning to lose weight But burn calories to get your body moving To feel more energized to feel like you’ve accomplished something that day and to just do it for yourself and for your well-being I have been on such a workout kick lately And yes, I am extremely sore right now But I feel so accomplished in the fact that I am sitting here filming a post For you guys, but also knowing in my mind that I’m also taking care of myself First and foremost so that I can give back to the world because if we’re not taking care of us first, then who are we to give advice and information to people to consume. I don’t feel right when I give you guys advice and I’m not taking care of myself.

So I Do make sure that working out? Meditating taking care of myself doing yoga doing everything I can for my well-being in my own health and my own stress levels is really crucial and important to me first and foremost Getting a good sweat pushing past points that you didn’t think you could accomplish last night I took a workout class called sweat 60 and it was so incredibly difficult there were moments where I just Didn’t think I could continue going and there moments where I had to take a break I didn’t do it using the entire time but I mean I’m not hard on myself about that because the fact that I even showed up and then I’m sweating and then I’m pushing my self past my comfort zone is enough for me, so I can’t encourage working out and getting a good sweat and burning calories more It’s just a very crucial part of life for your energy and well-being number five I mentioned briefly in the last one meditation

Habits six To seven
I’m going to mention it briefly right now because I have talked about it so many times and I did create a post that was dedicated solely to inspire you to meditate so I will link that in a card coming up right now and I’ll link it in my description box as well meditation is So wonderful to be a more mindful person to really be a happier well-rounded person to collect your thoughts a mindful person is a more successful person in life because if you tackle each moment with more mindfulness then it’s just going to be an Easier process life will just be an easier process for you so meditation Good tip the sixth tip is to connect with someone you love in the morning Someone who brings out happiness with you somebody who keeps you grounded for me. It’s two people in my life I love facetiming with my mom in the morning, especially if alex is out of town And I also really make a point to connect with Alex when he’s here him and I always have coffee together in the morning We sit for a moment on the couch and just talk we talk about the date before we talk about the morning we talked about just kind of what’s going on in life and having that connection to another human being and someone who makes you happy and like just brings you back down to earth is a really great way to take on The day if we go straight into our work if we go straight into thinking about all the things that we need to get done And accomplished it makes life feel kind of like you’re just carrying a heavy backpack.

We can kind of put that backpack down Take a deep breath connect with someone that we love and then we just feel Accomplished.

I guess the social aspect of our life as well kind of taking off on the to-do connecting with someone you love is a really important part of just feeling like you’ve done something good in the loving and heart Aspect like that if that makes any sense last but not least tip number seven is a gratitude journal, and it doesn’t have to be specifically a gratitude journal it could be just your journal in general, but writing down the things that you Are grateful for whenever you’re feeling a little bit down, too? I think that that is especially a crucial part in the morning when you’re having coffee or When you’re also planning and strategizing,

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I think that’s the best time to do it I have this here and I have been writing down content ideas And I have a little notes section here where I just write down random things that I’m grateful for especially when I’m feeling stressed and when I’m feeling overwhelmed because that’s just a way to remind you and bring you back into the things that You are really lucky to have and the things that you’ve worked really hard to Accomplish and gratitude as I have said a million trillion thousand times In my just content in general gratitude is the number one key to happiness in my opinion.

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I so Gratitude my friends write it down. That is my seven-morning habits for successful people post I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and then you got some good tips and motivation make sure you guys give this post a thumbs up just for the love your life series in general and again Make sure you’re caught up the self-care summer.  I hope that you guys are having an awesome day and I will see you very very very soon in a new topic I love you guys to the moon Enjoy your successful mornings. Thank to all my love slim to slim creative fashion Team and viewers..The End1